Elimental Reign

four children, life, the story, the eliments Reign again

The boy was walking along in the mall. He looks normal, but with him looks are deceiving, he is five foot and four inches, blond hair with a blue streak in it. Wearing the typical uniform of a teenager.

He was browsing in the shops, but kept looking up at the roof, waiting, but not for something he wanted. The roof shattered, he sighed, this was going to be a long day. Why is it always me, he thought, why can't someone else be monster bait. The top part of the walls caved in and a shadow appeared in the sky.

When the rubble hit the ground the crowd were quiet,  a boy had been berried, but in the dust and gloom they saw two shaped, the same one as in the sky, and another. With a thunk the one from the sky flew backwards across the room, only stopping when it hit the wall. It was a gargoyle. Just it was moving. And had a sword.

Then the boy walked out the smoke, he too was different, his hair was now a light blue and he had a sword, or to be exact he had six, four were jut part of him, the other two he weld. And now, like the gargoyle he had wings. The wings of a fallen angel. He also had a trench coat. It was payback time. 

The End

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