Starshine. : Bright

I blink at the bright sun. Why does it have to be so light? Why can't it be like the night time? I sigh in my bed. I love the night! It's so beautiful. I can hear a small knocking at my door.

I groan, getting out of my bed and going over to my hut door. I open it to see my friend Ashlek. "Sclee!" She said excitedly walking into my small hut. "Sclee." I mutter to her, rubbing my sparkling midnight blue eyes. "What timeis it?" She shrugs. "About midday." I groan again.

Worst time ofthe day; it'stoo sunny. "Ashlek, why are you waking me up this early?" She laughs. "Oh Starshine, youreally need to wake up earlier. It'snot good for you to stay in the dark all the time." I shake my head. "I like the dark. It's nice, calm." She rolls her eyes at me.

I pull my long black hair away from my face and get changed. "C'mon." She grabs hold of my arm and drags me out of my hut. I stroke my star dust necklace as the bright light shines intomy eyes. Man, that hurts. Time for another day in the sun. Great. Hint the sarcasm. 

The End

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