Xanthe: You Can Do It Zeena!

" Sclee, Zeena! How are you?" I shouted to Zeena, as I ran over to her new hut.

" Sclee! I'm fine, you?"

" Yes I'm well, thanks" I replied to her."Wow, nice hut. Who did you build it with? Wait let me guess - Beneki, Corellic, Sandrek and Traveselle."

" Thanks... wow how'd you know?" She asked, surprised.

" I overheard you and Elkota talking a minute ago."

"Oh, I guess you heard us talking about me asking Beneki to marry me then?"Zeena sighed.

"Yeah, and to be honest, I think you should do it! Ask him to marry you!"

"Are you serius? I would never dream of doing that - its horrifying!"

" 'Course I am, you do want to be his leesha don't you?!" I argue.

"Well, of course I do but... look I'm going to see  Kwingh Shackli, I'll see you later."She said, walking away. I shouted bye after her and wandered over to my own hut. A delicious smell was cooking in the massive pot my mum, Yeliith, was standing over. I sat down at the table and started telling her about my day.

The End

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