Zeena:Moving Huts

Beneki had offered to help me build a new hut, a few other young male elves helped too. It is to my knowlage that most of the young elves in the wood have a obbsession over me. But I only have eyes for ONE elf and one elf only:


My new hut was built in a few hours and I moved my few possetions into it.

Elkota wandered in and raised his eyebrows.

"Nice."He said, smiling.

"I know."

"Who built it."He said, smirking.

"Beneki, Traveselle, Corellic and Sandrek."I sniffed.

"I hear Sandrek's gonna ask you to be his Leesha."He told me.

"What?"I cried. I know from viewing, once a elf asked you, you have to say yes.

"And that Squeena's father's going to ask Beneki to ask Squeena to be his Leesha."

"No!"I gasped.

"But I found a loop hole!"He sang, I let out a sigh of relief.

"I went to the librakii and looked through all the law book's. Nothing said a female elf couldn't ask a male elf!"He smiled.

I stared at him, wide eyed.

"It would be most disgraceful."I said stiffly. Though my mind was saying doitdoitdoitdoitdoit!

"Okay. But your going to have to find something to do and quick or you'll be stuck with Sandrek."He called as he walked out of my hut.

I couldn't let any of this happen....

I'd have to talk to Kwingh Shackli: the Scully Wood Elven King.

The End

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