Elfish Tales.

The green, green clearing in Scully Wood is home to something more complexed then you'd imagine.
Nobody knows about these eloosive creatures, except Dilyla. She's known them for years, but their friendship is at stake when something much more sinister comes to Scully Wood...

"Dilyla said she was visiting today."Said Elkota casually, but the way his eyes shined I knew he was much more excited than I was.

"And why would I need to know this information? Dilyla comes every day."I said, raising my eyebrows.

"Zeena, come on, you know how... nevermind..."

"Do you love her Elkota?"I called out to him softly.

"No! well.... I mean..."He figeted.

"You do. Go find love and peace. Your parents did."

"Yes, but she's.... that's not the point. It will never be accepted."He sighed sadly.

"It must hard for you, to love two at once."I smiled.

"I know.... I love Miska, but Dilyla brings happiness wherever she goes...."He looked at me, "I shouldn't even be discussing this with you Zeena."

"I am perfectly at ease with this convorsation Elkota."I told him.

"I'm not."

"Do not talk about it then."I said simply.

Poor, poor Elkota. He was engaged from birth to Miska.... but fell in love with pretty Dilyla ever since he set his eyes upon her.

"Elkota?"Called Miska, he looked up, startled.

"Sclee Miska." He greeted her. Sclee was like the word hello in Elfish. But now, most elves tend to speak English.

I sat up a little straighter when Beneki came walking past. It was of good knowlage to everyone excpet him that I wanted to be his Leesha(wife/mate).

"Sclee Zeena."He smiled his heartbreaking smile.

Both my hearts skipped a beat(Elves have two hearts).

Please, please, please! I begged Mishona(our god, also known as 'mother nature'). For a moment, I could have sworn Beneki was going to say something. But the waved and wakled off to his hut. I sighed wistfully.

"Sclee Zeena!"Cried a familiar voice and I saw Dilyla running towards me. I embraced her.

"Hello Dilyla."I greeted her.

"Still no luck with Beneki?"She asked sympathetically.

"No."I grumbled. She laughed her enchanting little laugh.

"I'm sure it will happen one day!"She simpered.

"I hope."I said dreamily.

We walked around the huts for a while, talking, until Elkota came and took her away. He needed to becareful if he wanted to hide his secret.

The End

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