Eleven Years Later

I hadn’t seen him in eleven years … and hadn’t wanted to. But, there he was sitting at the bar about two people down from me.

If only I could just chug this shot and make a run for it. If only I wasn’t sitting in this bar trying to get myself wasted. If only I hadn’t just found out, from the radio no less, that my dad was killed in a car accident.

If only.

“Dawn,” a familiar voice asked, “Is that you?”

“Yeah.” I said, turning around to face my worse fear. It would have been a lot better if I was put together. I wish I had bothered to brush my hair and fix my make-up before leaving the house.

“Hi.” He gushed, reaching to hug me. I didn’t give in. “You look … well.” LIAR . He always was the best liar.

“You too. How have you been?” I managed to inconspicuously fix my face some.

“Good. How’s your life now?”

“It’s nice.”

“Cool.” He nodded and looked away quickly as our eyes met. Then he leaned in and asked, “So was it … was it mine?” And that was when I slapped him right across the face in fury.

The End

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