Elevator Worlds

It was already late in evening at Rover Corp Tower. Aaron was angry for having to wait for his mother to finish up work. Why wouldn't he? It was his 14th birthday after all. Unable to sit still, he decided to regain some composure by riding the tower's elevator. Ever since he was small, that seemed to do the trick.
But something was weird this time, the ride seemed long...and fast! Aaron could only push the emergency rapidly, hoping that the elevator would stop. And when it did stop, the exit

Rover Corp Tower was one of the tallest building there in Crescent City. With 30 floors made with proper materials of the finest quality, the building stood tall and proud as an important landmark. Other than that, the metallic tower is also an important base for various 'big guns' to run their companies. There's Rover Corp, of course, being the main superpower behind the city's flourishing growth. They handle a lot of things from internal and external trading affairs, to funding research and development projects, and even establishing a number of legal firms. Then there's Eureka Restaurant, the current number one contender of the most famous dining place across the country. There will always be something new to try out here, and they secure the most dazzling spot to grab a bite and enjoy the view of the city. And finally there's Aqua Soul. Even though it's not the main branch of the company, the health services they provide are still top class. Everyday people coming into the tower will hear the chime of their slogan: "To cleanse and put you at ease."

But even after his regular check-up at Aqua Source, Aaron Baker wasn't at ease at all. He was constantly squirming and frowning and mumbling at the over-sized chair he was sitting on. At times the teenager would press his forehead on the work desk in front of him. Then he would stand up, face the glass window and make unusual signals with his arms to anyone that could be watching him from outside. When he was bored, he would sit back at the chair and began to frown again. "What's taking mom so long?" Aaron sighed as he glanced at his wristwatch, "She said it would only be a while, but this is taking forever!" He shook his head in disappointment. Today, the 5th of June, was his 14th birthday.

As a single mother, Mrs Baker was not usually this busy. Most of the time she was always there for her three sons. She would prepare food for them, listen out to their problems and would even sort it out if she had to. But somehow, Mrs Baker can be considered unlucky. Even if she was there most of the time, at special occasions or events, she will always have something urgent at work. No matter how efficient she plans her day, it would always turn out that she has to be at the office during her sons birthdays or school events. The three siblings always tried their best to understand, but at times they just couldn't take it.

Aaron had been waiting for his mother for almost an hour now inside his mother's office. Apparently something happened, and Mrs Baker had to attend an emergency meeting. Being cramped up in the room for almost an hour, Aaron began to get restless. He thought that if he was going to be there for a minute longer, he would die out of boredom. Grabbing his electric blue jacket, Aaron decided that he would take a breather outside for a while. "I'd probably take the long elevator ride, that always did the trick," he mumbled as he locked the office door with a spare key.

The hallway seemed empty for some reason. Usually the sound of Miss Lucy's chatter could be clearly heard coming from her cubicle, but this time there was only silence. "Did everyone on the floor went to the meeting?" Aaron thought as he skidded across the hallway. He made his way towards the center elevator and pressed down. Usually it would take a while for the elevator to come, but within moments the door opened. "That was quick," Aaron mumbled. As Aaron entered the large elevator compartment, a soft voice chimed from within. "Welcome!" squeaked the female voice. That was weird, he thought as the door closed in front of him. Did the elevator always had this welcoming gesture?

The End

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