Elevator Voices

An ambiguous blurb; expression of a mood.

She could have broken her thumb on the resistant little button with all the pressure she forced against it.  The little yellow glow in the middle of the button did not bring any solace, glaring cheerily like a 'Please Wait to be Seated' sign or one of those self-important 'Please Take a Number' boxes.  

Her foot tapped unrhythmically on the floor, jerky and uneven from all the tension. She avoided the staring numbers above her lest they bear her bad news and she instead shifted her gaze in every other possible direction.   She didn't see anything specific under her furrowed brow, and judging by her ever-deeper breathing, it was getting harder to keep it together. But an empty lobby would just echo the imperfection back at her.

The too-cheery little bell finally rang her release. And she burst into the isolated little cabin before the doors had entirely opened. She punched the door-close button and collapsed against the wall, barely remaining upright. Before the doors opened again, she touched the top most button. Twelve floors of slow transition and again, she slumped against the wall to release her tension. Her voice caught in her throat producing a long frictionized gasp-like inhalation, and then she released it.

For a moment she wondered what the twelfth floor really looked like. And she remembered all the unbearably long, awkwardly silenced elevator trips accompanied by someone or another to her fifth floor home. Bless the Lord for making her suffer those impatient moments if it gave her this sweet release.

The elevator slowly returned gravity to its normal but suddenly unfamiliar state. The doors slid open to reveal a chilled unfinished hall full of various ducts and wires.  At the far end stood a door labelled, “Roof Access.”  The words resonated down the hall, into the elevator, and all through her.  

The door nudged her outstretched arm making her jump, but it backed off again.  Arm in suspension, she stared down the hallway for some timeless interval.


Suddenly the doors collapsed together cutting her from the hallway. Her arm had floated back to her side undetected. And the little cabin made it's slow descent keeping it's wisdom to itself.   

The End

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