Elephants That Eat Pork For Lunch

An elephant is a sacred thing,

A beast to make one dance and sing.

They're never really sick -- no way!

And they never throw their lunch away.

But one day, I was in New York

And I saw a cow eating pork!

"Pork?!?", I screamed, "what a joke!

You should be eating cheese or yolk."

But then I looked up reeeeal close

It was an elephant ... in cow's clothes!

"Ahhhh," I said. "Now I need air,

Need air, need air, need air, need air."

I fainted, then I came to,

Then fainted again ... man, these damn shoes!

When I woke up, the "cow" was gone,

And in his place was an ant ... dressed up as a swan.

(From the absurdist volume "Poems To Sink Your Feet Into")

The End

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