The Orange Haired Girl

   Valerie and I have a new room mate today. So far, all we were told was that her name is Mia and she can control Nature.

   When Mia first arrived, we tried speaking with her. No go. I guess she just didn't feel like talking with anyone yet. But Valerie, well... She took that the wrong way. Later that night, Mia came back to the room, and tried to make some small talk. Valerie, the grudge-holding and opinionated girl that she is, ignored her.

   And me, being the kind and extemporaneous pyromaniac that I am, decided I would try to be nice to our new roomy.

   "Hey, do you want to play Solitare with me?" I asked her.

   "Um... Sure, why not. You'll have to teach me the ropes of it though, because I haven't played in a very long time," she replied, looking around, though there wasn't any need for it. 

   She seemed a little insecure.

   "So, Mia, where are you from; if you don't mind my asking," I said, trying to erase the silence that was quickly falling upon us after I explained Solitare to her.

   "Um... Not far from here, actually. Well, I should say about an hour's time walking distance," She corrected.

   "So, you had to walk here? You didn't get dropped off or anything?" I asked, trying to understand better.

   "Nope. My mother officially despises me. That's why I was so rude when I first arrived. I was just... depressed, I guess. I'm sorry about that," she said quietly, averting her gaze down to the cards.

   "Hey, there's no reason to apologize with something like that. Heck, I would have done the same thing. In fact, I did do the same thing when I first got here. I was so depressed that I pushed everyone away, and only focused on the one door that had closed on me. And I never even noticed the window that opened just beside me. Actually, most of us here went through the whole my-parents-hate-me-now-because-I'm-a-freak stage. It's part of this cycle that we go through. Right, Valerie," I said, narrowing my fiery gaze onto Valerie.

   She looked up from her book for a mere second to glance at me, and went back to reading. "What?" she asked flatly when she finished her paragraph- or so I assumed.

   "Jeesh. Do you ever live a little? You need to get your nose out of them books. I swear! They aren't healthy for you, girl," I joked.

   She scowled at me, and went back to reading. "So, as you now know, that's Valerie. She's all the time reading. Oh, and, I'm Fae. Valerie over there controls Water, or, pretty much anything liquid, and I control Fire. So, I know that you control Nature... What's that like?" I asked, curiosity burning through me like a small flame. Haha. Get it? Flame? Because I control Fire... haha.

   "What's what like?" she asked, obviously not understanding the question.

   "What's it like to control Nature?" I repeated, excited that I would finally be learning more about another Element.

   See, here at Ludington's School for the Unique and Gifted (that's just a polite way of saying A School for Elemental Freaks) we only learn about the "gift" or "ability" we are granted. I, personally, am totally fascinated by other people's powers.

"Well, right now it sucks. I can only make fruit grow from trees. It's nothing special, really," she answered.

"Nothing special? Are you kidding? You're the first one to control nature at this school in fifteen years. Or, that's the rumor, anyway. I've only been here for four years, but there's never been a nature power. I heard that they're one of the most powerful elements."

"Yeah. Throwing fruit at people is really something to be admired," she scoffed. I felt bad for her. She must really be depressed.

"Hey, you may not be very experienced now, but you'll get better at it with time. Trust me," I told her.

"Fae, she obviously doesn't want to talk about fruit anymore. Let it be," Valerie said suddenly.

"So the worm is above ground again," I mocked playfully.

"Yeah... It's raining. I like the rain. I'm gonna head outside. I'll be back later." Valerie stood up and left the dorm.

The End

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