Elements of Six

Everyone has heard the quote "Two heads are better than one." Well try six. Six teens must face the hate they recieve from their parents and their destiny. They face the responsibilities of having great power. Power that is stronger than God and the Devil. A power that could turn them good or evil. Thhe destiny they face you will soon find out.


     “No!” I shrieked to my mom. “I’m not going to go there!”

     “Yes you are!” she yelled back. “Your not normal Mia, your just like your sister.” “There is no way you are staying in this house, you are not safe. Your going, now go pack you clothes. All of them!”

     I swore under my breathe as I trudged up the steps. When I got to my room I laid down on my bed and started crying. I was becoming like my sister.

     My mom wouldn’t even give me a ride to the “Special School” as she put it. So I had to walk, I know I could of just ran off but I would die on the account I had no clue how to control it. By it I mean my power.

     “I know I’m not the only one who can do this mom, I’ve found people in books who could do this” I always told her. But she never believed me.

     Soon I made it to the “Special School” and was assigned a dorm. That dorm I shared with two other girls. And I had no clue what they were here for. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk with them, because I was kicked out of my house by my unloving parents.

     At least the school had a park full of beautiful foliage which I ended up being at all day. I pulled an apple down from a tree in fall. I know that sounds messed up because apples don't grow in fall, but that is what I was talking about, you know my “Power.” So if your wondering what my power is well I don’t know how else to put this but I can control nature. I’m not very good with my power, all I can do is make fruits grow from trees.

     Being in the park brought back good and bad memories about my sister. For example about seven years ago when I was eight my mom and I got in an argument. “Mom can I play with your makeup ?” I asked her, remember I was only eight. Her reply was “ God no! Do u think that will make you pretty? Wait, no I’ll answer that for you, nothing can make you pretty you are ugly!” Those words rang in my head all day “you are ugly!” “you are ugly!” My sister was at volleyball practice when that happen, she found me in the garden crying my eyes out. She helped me up and talked to me, her exact words were “Don’t listen to that witch, you are very beautiful. Look at yourself you have dark wavy hair, mossy green eyes, and a beautiful face.”

     Later after I was done at the park I strolled back to my dorm and the two girls I haven’t gotten their name yet were still up. One was reading a book and the other was playing solitaire. I tried to make conversation by simply asking them what their names were. The girl reading looked at me in disgust, the girl playing solitaire invited me over to play cards with her. Although she never gave me her name, but we had a great time laughing and playing cards. She had strange fiery orange hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

The End

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