A wind blowingMature

''Is she dead?''
''Trishka you idiot, you have killed her!"
Melody grunted. Her head felt really heavy, as if someone had hit her with something big. She also felt extremely dizzy, as if she had had trouble breathing just minutes before. 
She opened her eyes, and that's when she saw them. She first thought they were her little brothers that were playing some idiotic prank on her again, but her sight cleared and she realised they were definitely not her brothers. She quickly got up. Who- no, what were they? They were around the same size as her brothers, but their eyes looked very wise and old, as if they had been alive for at least a hundred years. And then their ears! They looked like fairies or pixies she had seen on tv when she was a child. 
The two creatures looked at her in relief.
''Thank goodness your alive! I was so worried.'' the left one said. His hair was spiky and a bright purple, it seemed to move at it's own. Melody stared at it in awe. Was his hair alive? The boy caught her stare, but didn't fully understand why she was so overwhelmed by it.
''I know, I know. You have never seen hair so beautiful, am I right?''
Melody couldn't do anything but nod. 
The right one, whose hair wasn't moving- thank God -smiled at her.
''How are you feeling?'' his bright green eyes looked at her with worry. 
''I just... I can't seem to remember what has happened. Or how I've gotten here...''
The one with the purple hair looked a bit guilty. The other one, who had long, brown curls sighed.
''Trishka here found you in the forest. He panicked and knocked you out with a piece of wood,''
Thus the feeling someone had hit me.
''But when he realised you hade the amulet of the wind, he brought you here.''
Thriska bowed multiple times.
''I am truly sorry, my lady! Please forgive me.''
''It's okay, really! I'm sure you had your reasons. But...'' Melody really didn't recall having an amulet. The two boys looked at her expectantly. Or did she? She vaguely started to remember what had happened before she had woken up in the...cave? Only now she started to notice her surroundings. She shook her head. Later, she first had to focus on getting back all of her memories.

It had been a sunny day, so she had taken her brothers out to the park for a picnic. Their maids had insisted on coming along, so that they could help her take an eye on her brothers, but she had declined. She adored her entire household, they were like family to her, especially since her parents were hardly around, but sometimes she just wanted some alone time with her brothers. 
They had just been seated on the picnic rug, when something caught her eye. Something shiny fell from the sky. Her brothers, who had run into some friends and their parents, were happily playing and Melody decided that she could sneak out for a while. After all, the other kids' parents could look after them while she was gone.
She quickly went into the bushes to search for... Well for whatever she was looking for. She soon spotted something shining and crouched down to take a better look at it. 
It was the most hideous amulet she had ever seen. It had an oval shape and it was shilver. It shone so brightly that it almost blinded her. Melody wondered if she should pick it up. It could be dangerous. Curiosity took the better of her and she grabbed it. It felt like someone very big and with very large hands was choking her. All the air was pushed out of her. In vain she tried to scream for help. Praying that everything would be alright, for the sake of her brothers, she fainted.

Melody woke up in some kind of forest. It didn't look like any forest she knew. It had a magical feeling about it. Like something strange could happen at any time. Then she remembered. She remembered the amulet and her almost dying. Where was the rotten thing now? She looked around, and spotted it on the ground next to her. Carefully, she picked it up again. To her relief, nothing happend this time. She sighed and put the thing in the pocket of her shorts. Well, she'd better find a way to get back to her brothers. They must have noticed that she was gone by now, and she didn't want them to worry. But just when she was about to get up, something heavy struck her on the back of her head.

What a good day it has been, Melody thought. She had blacked out twice a day, it seemed. The two creatures were still staring at her. She wondered if they had been like that the entire time during her flashback.
Melody pulled the amulet from her pocket and let it rest on her hand. She stared at it, wondering if maybe this object had brought her here. Wherever here was. The two boys were staring at the amulet as well. Just when she was about to open her mouth, she heard someone yell:
''They have arrived! It is starting! Quick, find Water, Air and Earth!''
The boy with the purple hair, who was called Thriska, hurried to the other end of the corridor they had been in. 
''We have found Air! She is in here!"
Soon, Melody found herself surrounded by creatures like Thriska and his friend. They were all about the same size, some were even smaller. Thriska was the only one with moving hair though. She reminded herself to ask him about it later. After all, it wasn't something you see everyday. 
Out of the entire group, there was one person that caught her off guard. The boy was quite tall with dark brown hair and green eyes. But what really stood out where the Dr. Dre headphones draped around his neck. When the boy spotted her, he looked just as surprised as she felt.
What the hell was Anthony doing here?

The End

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