A fire burningMature

A group of humans are transported into another world by amulets that grant them powers of the elements. With these powers, the people of this world hope that the prophecy be fulfilled about them slaying the beasts, and their leader that torment this world.

            The sun shone into Anthony’s blue eyes, as he lied on his back just waking up.  

He has to shield his eyes with one hand, as he pushed himself into a sitting position. As his eyes adjusted to his surroundings, he realized he was in the middle of a forest. Tall oaks and maples surrounded him, their roots sticking a foot or more out of the ground. Light was shining through their red and orange leaves marking the coming of winter.

            “Where the hell am I,” Anthony said to himself, while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He stood on his feet, and looked around him once more.  He didn’t see anything that looked familiar, him being used to sidewalks and city lights.

Then something on the ground caught his eye. He looked down, and noticed there was a necklace sitting next to where he had woke. He picked it up, examining its gold chain, and large red amulet that hung from it.

The memory then came back to him.

He had been heading home from the skate park, where him and his buds had been seeing who could do the longest grind on the bar that went along the perimeter of the park. He won of course, being the best out of them all.

He was gliding down the sidewalk, turning the corner into his neighbourhood. The wind was blowing through his thick straight brown hair, and he had his hands in his pockets, one tightly clenched onto his ipod nano.  He saw two boys, probably around the age of 10, shooting hoops in one of their driveways; he wasn’t sure which.

That’s when he saw it.

Something shiny that seemed to be falling from the sky. He saw it land in the backyard of the house that was at the end of the street before it turned to the right.

Curiosity took over him. He brought his foot down onto the side walk, and pushed off it, making his skateboard go faster towards the house. In moments he was at the end of the house’s driveway, and hopped off his skateboard. He picked it up from off the ground, and started to jog around to the side of the house. He reached over the gate which lead to the backyard, and unlocked it, aware he was trespassing. He hadn’t seen any of the lights on in either of the houses between the gate, so he was sure he would be fine.

He walked into the backyard, and looked around. The perimeter of the yard was lined with fencing, as was every house in this neighbourhood. Along the fencing there were flowers of purples and pinks growing. Although with the setting sun and the darkening sky, you could barely tell. He also saw a swing set attached to a yellow slide.  At the end of the yellow slide he saw something shiny. A smirk grew on his face as he walked towards it. When he got to it he squatted down, to examine what he had discovered

It was an amulet.

He set down his skateboard, and picked it up by the chain in curiosity. It really was an ugly thing. The amulet that weighed it down was an oval shape, and was that colour where you’re unsure if it’s really red, or if it’s orange.  He brought his other hand up to the amulet to see if it was as smooth as it looked,

But as soon as his hand touched it, a searing pain was shot up his arm.

It felt as though his whole arm was on fire. He grunted from the pain, falling on his knees. He dropped the amulet, and it hit the ground with a thud.

That’s when he blacked out.

And now he was here, in the middle of a forest. He didn’t feel the pain in his arm anymore, and although he didn’t want to risk bringing it back again, he couldn’t help not trying to touch the red part of the amulet. He poked it, and recoiled his finger almost instantly as soon as it made contact, but there was no pain. He touched it again, this time with more confidence, and felt its smoothness.

That’s when he heard something.

It sounded like someone had stepped on a twig. He looked to his left towards the sound, but saw nothing. He thought he could hear someone whispering to someone else but he was unsure. He took a step towards the whispering, and as soon as his foot hit the ground, they stopped.

“I know someone’s there!” He said loudly, straightening his back, “I’d really like to know what’s going on,”

There was silence

But then someone emerged from behind one of the oak trees. It was a girl, and she looked only about the size of a small child. She had short curly blonde hair with angled features, and bright green eyes. Little elf ears stuck out from between her curls, and she wore a blue short sleeved dress that was lined with white lace. Anthony took a step back, unsure what exactly he was looking at.

“Do you have the amulet of the flame?” She asked with a soft voice, that he barley heard.

“You mean this thing?” He asked, raising the amulet out in front of him to her. She gasped, and gawked at the necklace with disbelief.  

“You must come with me,” She said, reaching her hand out to him.

“Why? Where am I? What is even going on?” He asked as she ran over to him grabbing his hand.

“No time to explain,” She said, dragging him with more strength then he had expected, “You are in grave danger,” 

The End

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