Being Watched

Leo hung up his apron. His shift was finally done. "Night all; see you guys tomorrow," Leo called out. The other cooks responded and said good night as well. Leo walked out of the backdoor of the bistro, into the night. "Another day in the kitchen," he thought satisfied. He loved his job. He enjoyed making dishes for others to enjoy. It didn't matter if the place was old.

As he walked down the alley, the moon was hidden behind dark clouds, allowing no light. Only streetlamps lit his way. Suddenly Leo stopped. He looked furtively around him. Someone was there. He didn't know where they were, but Leo knew someone was watching him. It wasn't the first time this had happened either. Leo could only assume they knew about him, about what he could do. He'd never told anybody, but he knew they knew somehow.

Leo reached into the pocket of his jacket. He gripped the packet of matches that he always carried with him. They were his weapon against whoever was watching. He figured they were the same as him; otherwise they wouldn't be interested. He slowly turned around in a circle, trying to pinpoint the source of foreboding. He never let his guard down even once. Leo started to feel the heated energy start to flow within him. He was ready for them. They'd been tailing him for a while now, and he was starting to feel like they were waiting for the right moment to pounce on him.

Suddenly the moonlight burst through the clouds, shining light on the area. Immediately, Leo felt the presence vanish. They had disappeared with the light. Leo slowly untensed his body. He sighed. He didn't know what their intentions were yet, but it was obvious that someone was interested in him. He wished he knew why though. He resumed his journey back home, but he didn't let go of the matches in his pocket.

The End

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