An Omelette to Go

Two people, gifted with the ability to draw the elemental essence from their surroundings, or elementize, meet and are thrown together by fate, both being pursued by an organization wishing to discover the secret of their special abilities.

"Order #153, one large omelette with cheese and bacon to go!" Leo heard a waiter yell from the entrance to the kitchen.

"On it!" he called back. He grabbed the ingredients from the fridge, and went to his station. He put his skillet on the burner and turned up the temperature, but nothing happened.  Leo looked underneath the stove. "Looks like the flame's gone out...again," he sighed.

The equipment was pretty old and outdated, the restaurant even older. It was just something the chefs at the Birch Bistro had to work with. It was a fairly popular place with a steady amount of customers, but owner didn't seem to think spending money for better equipment was worth it, much to the dismay of the employees. Still, Leo thought, the job paid well enough and it wasn't like an unlit flame was a problem for him at all.

He looked around at the other frantic works as they tried to deal with the seemingly neverending stream of orders that came with the breakfast hour. They were too busy to pay any attention to him. Leo closed his eyes for a moment. In a couple seconds a sudden burst of heat told him the fire has lit again.

"Perfect." he thought as he began to make the omelette. Five minutes later the dish was complete. Leo ent to the window and rang the bell. "Order #153, one omelette with bacon and cheese," he called out. Nobody responded though. He looked around and saw that the bistro was much more crowded than usual, and the waiters had their hands full dealing with the sudden influx of customers.

"I'll just take it to the customer myself," Leo decided. "Wouldn't want them to wait those waiters. Besides, I could use a stretch before all of those new orders come in." He took off his hat and smoothed out the mess of curly black hair. He hung his apron up as well, revealing the casual attire he wore underneath. He unrolled his sleeves and smoothed out any wrinkles. He looked at a nearby pot on the wall and checked to make sure he was presentable, rubbing off a spot of grease on his cheek. After one last check, he quickly boxed up the omelette and stepped out of the kitchen.

"Who ordered a large omelette with bacon and cheese?" he asked as he looked around for someone waiting for take-out.

"That would be me. It sure took you long enough," said a female voice to his right. Leo turned towards the speaker.

The End

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