4 different elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire...
4 different teenagers...
1 adventure none of them saw coming...


            I ran my perfectly manicured French tip finger down the cream colored page of my professional artist grade sketchbook and sighed. A fresh page was full of possibilities for a skilled artist such as me. My bedazzled pink iPhone began ringing: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

            I picked it up off of my silky floral embroidered covers. I groaned when I saw the caller ID. Brittney. It took tons of willpower not to roll my big blue eyes as I answered.

            "Hey Boo! Did you hear about Tanya and Zack?" Ugh. I could have sworn she told me this in 3rd period History, 5th period Math, and on our way to our cars yesterday.

            "Of course! Can you believe it? I so thought she was NOT a loser. Anyways, I gotta go. I have homework about the war of 1912. LAME!" Before Brit could respond, I hung up.

            I looked out the small window - the only window - in my room at our vacation house in Hawaii. A crystal clear blue ocean sparkled in the sunlight, looking even more beautiful in contrast to the sugar sand, a pale pink color.

            But unlike most girls my age, it wasn't the idea of the perfect tan that made me put up with these stupid family vacations, no it was the water. It was such a rich color, and it flowed gently over the sand and rocks, nothing harder than a caress a mother would give her precious newborn.

            My daydreams were shaken when I heard a gentle knock. I sighed heavily and stood, walking to my heavy white oak wood door and opening it. My mother's soft green eyes greeted me.

            "We are all going shopping, would you like to come sweetie?" She asked, looking like a queen with her curly white blonde hair and delicate features. I shook my head.

            "No. I think I'm going to go explore, maybe go for a swim. I need to get some inspiration for my art, you know?" My mother didn't press the issue; in fact, all I had to do to get her off my back is mention my art.

            Talent. The Grover's had oodles of it. My mom could sing, my dad was an amazing writer. My sister, Hannah, was a ballet star in the making and my little brother Mason was a talented actor.

            My family was afraid I was the misfit, with no obvious talents, that is until I showed them I drawing I made of our fat, pampered cat Monet when I was 9.

            That was when Hannah was a sweet little 3 year old and Mason was only a year old. Now Hannah is 10 and thinks she is the princess of everything, a spitting image of our mom.

            Mason looks more like my dad, with a nice tan that was totally natural and a smile the takes up half his face and makes the whole world seem better, just because he can smile so beautifully in it.

            I am the perfect little mix, pretty complexion, stunning blue eyes, happy smile, and a delicate nose. A pretty face framed by a mass of long curly hair, giant golden loops, instead of medium sized rings that get tangled horribly like mom and Hannah have.

            When I catch Hannah staring at my hair wistfully, I always make sure a big smirk is on my face.

            I walked over to my window, suddenly feeling the need to be in the crystal clear water that almost called to me.

            I threw on my striped blue bikini and my green flip flops, almost forgetting my green and blue striped towel in my effort to get outside as fast as possible.

            When I burst through the door of my vacation home, I all but threw my things on the sand before running into the water. It was warmed by the sun, yet still kept me cool.

            No disgusting debris was floating in it and I couldn't imagine having to get out of it. I quickly went underwater and stayed there for a moment and then reemerged, taking a deep breath of the salty ocean air. I closed my eyes and began floating on my back, enjoying the water's company.

            I was interrupted in my relaxing by what sounded like a laugh from an angel. I looked up and saw a guy. Lanky, yet muscular and firm, with a very cute face. He laughed and high fived another Hawaiian.

            My gaze was locked on The Boy's abs, which glistened in the sun.

            Delicious. "Wow." The word was whispered, but The Boy turned to me and smiled. I held my breath as he jogged up to me, not even remotely out of breath when he reached me.

            "Aloha." The rest of the sentence a jumble of strange words. I scrunched up my face in frustration. I only know one or two words in Hawaiian, and I'm pretty sure I have the pronunciations wrong.

            The boy in front of me laughed, and then said in perfect English, "I guess you're not. I asked if you were from around here." I blushed. Such a simple question.

            "Oh. I, ah... with my family... on vacation." I finished lamely. My blush got slightly warmer as soon as the words left my mouth. What was wrong with me? I'm never shy when talking to boys. Actually, I'm never shy period. He chuckled.

            "Ah, mainland girl. Strange, for some reason I actually believed Coca was wrong and they aren't total airheads, but I should have known... Coca is always right." He smirked at me. I just stood there like a shocked idiot for a full second, then glared at him and began walking away. I heard him splash up to me.

            "That was a joke." It was tempting to just ignore him and keep walking, but instead, I turned and snapped at him.

            "Oh, sorry," I said sarcastically, "Didn't mean to stiff your fun, but I felt no need to sit around and be insulted." With that, I began walking again, fluidly grabbing my things and walking inside my house, slamming the door behind me. As soon as I got in I changed into an old green dress and wrapped a towel around my damp hair. I plopped down onto our suede couch - Imported from some country and very valuable - and snatched up the remote, turning on our Sony T.V. and flipping through the channels angrily.

I was still edgy when my family got home, looking like lobsters.

            "Ouch! Ugh, the sun here is no joke, but I bought some amazing things that make it all worthwhile! Look at these shell necklaces Marisa!" My mother walked up to me, wincing at each step.

            "How about I look later mom, you seem a little roasted." I said, chuckling slightly and standing, walking into our bathroom and searching through the drawers for some Aloe.

            I finally located the large bottle and handed it to my mom, who sitting on our couch with a pained look on her face. She mumbled a thank you and went to work rubbing it on her skin.

            I had escaped to my room and once again found myself on my bed, staring at the blank page in front of me. But this time, I had something to draw. I grabbed my black soft lead art pencil and went to work.

            The picture was supposed to be the view outside my window, but soon I realized I wasn't drawing that at all.

            He was standing in waist deep in water and his short, dark hair was a mess on his head. He smiled sweetly, and on his cheeks were deep dimples that I had only ever seen before on a baby's face.

            His eyes looked bright and happy and mischievous. I sighed and let my head fall onto the page.

I drew The Boy.

I fell asleep like that and didn't stir until Hannah came banging into my room.

For being a ‘graceful' dancer on stage, she sure enjoyed stomping around at home. She opened my door and yelled at me to get up. I bluntly ignored her. I heard her sigh loudly and overdramatically.

"Get dressed already! We're about to go eat and we can't leave without you, unfortunately. HURRY UP! I'm HUNGRY!" I looked up and saw her standing there, pouting with her skinny arms crossed over her chest.

I sighed and stood, reaching into my closet and grabbing my favorite pair of shorts and putting on a white tank top with blue flowers on it in a swirling pattern.

"Are you happy?" I asked, shaking out my hair and combing it. I pulled it up into a high ponytail and secured it with a black hair tie, and then I clipped a small, fake blue flower to the tie.

Hannah huffed again and walked out of my room; I followed behind her and smirked. Even though this is only our vacation home, it was still huge. It held 3 floors and 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a massive kitchen.

We've always lived in huge houses, mansions really. While Hannah and Mason love it and always bring their friends over to show it off, I prefer going to my friends' tiny 2 stories with the normal sized lawn and ratty old furniture.

Their homes actually feel like someone has lived in it, while I always feel like I'm in one of those model homes where the stuff is just for show and doesn't have any real value to it whatsoever.

I slipped on my sliver ballet flats when I reached the bottom of the stairs. My brother and my parents were waiting by the door, all looking at me angrily.

"You could pretend to care about us not starving to death." My brother said accusingly.

"Aw cut the dramatics, let's just go." I said, shoving past my family and walking out the door. "Drama Queens." I muttered to myself as began walking down the street.

I slowed my pace so they could catch up to me. When they did they started yammering on and on about my future and what colleges would be right for me.

I didn't bother putting in my opinion. My parents were going to decide my future for me, whether I wanted them to or not. I've made countless wishes on shooting stars asking them, begging them, for a change.

I want something, anything, to happen that can free me of my parents controlling grip.

I was feeling really depressed by the time we finally made it to out usual restaurant, The Ukulele Strings.

Bad name, amazing food. The place hasn't changed at all since we started these vacations when I was 2. Same floral tablecloths, same Hawaiian deco on the walls, and same vase full of fresh flowers at the tables. But to my shock, something had changed. A smirk crossed my lips.

As if sensing me, The Boy turned around and looked me in my eyes. Shock, embarrassment, confusion. I wanted to point at him and laugh, but I held it in. As we were walking to our table I passed him.

I leaned in close and whispered,

"We meet again waiter." And at that I started laughing and sat down with my family.

The End

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