Rone lost the sense of time. He saw himself floating with Snira and others from the island in the electric blue sphere which had engulfed them. How long was he there, he wasn't sure, but he hoped that he could get his feet back on  ground as soon as possible.

All of a sudden he felt a jerk and felt a falling feeling in his stomach. Snira's jewel shined and then everyone landed with a soft thud. Rone got up dazed, and swayes as he got up on his legs to have a better view of where he was. He saw himself standing on a grassy hilltop overlooking a stream. The weather was pleasant and warm. Rone looked towards Snira for an answer, but found Snira confused too.

"This isn't right"  said Snira with a confused look. "what do u mean emiser?" asked one of the islanders.  "We aren't supposed to be here" said Snira in a concerned tone.

Rone like others was still trying to figure out what Snira was saying, when someone shouted

"Oi! What the heck is that?"  said the man pointing at a flying object which was rapidly descending towards them.

Rone rushed forward to get  a better look and was alarmed at what he saw. A huge triangular beast was descending from the sky. Unlike a normal animal, this one was made of metal.

"Is that what i think it is? a UFO? " Shouted an old mariner over the others.

Snira at this point quickly purged back into the crystal form , but this time small small enough to fit in Rone's hand.

The beast stopped descending at the edge of the cliff .  A Sudden sound boomed  aloud. "Identify Yourself  !!"

Although others were seemingly unable to move or say anything due to shock, Rone moved forward  towards the beast


The End

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