Rone merely stared at Snira after what he heard. A smile crossed John's face.

"Thank you great Emiser. We can now proceed whenever you wish to. " saying this John went back to his place in the room satisfied.


"Are there any other questions?" Asked Snira authoritatively

nobody moved a muscle

"Lets Start" and instantly a bright light surrounded the whole room. however this time it was different. Rone felt a sudden feeling of weightlessness and was blinded. Next thing he knew, he was standing right outside the hill Victor had led them into. He was standing there along with the elders and lots of other people had arrived on the scene.

"What just happened?" asked Victor amazed and confused

"I helped you avoid some walking" said Snira while smiling mildly still standing tall in the magnificent true form.

" I hope i was able to get everyone here" said Snira candidly.

"So what now?" Nair asked.. somehow he and the others knew what had transpired in the room few minutes back.

"We need a volunteer first" asked Snira looking at all the people standing below.

"Worry not. I know what I'm doing" Snira said reassuringly

"Let me leave this damned place first" said a young handsome looking man.

"And what is your name dear friend" asked Snira

"I'm Bolt. I have been here too long and wish to see the world again." he said without a hint of fear in his voice

"As you wish. Come and kneel in front of me, dear friend" said Snira softly

Bolt did as he was told. Snira looked straight at him and the crest on her head began to glow. A single beam of purest light shot through its centre and hit Bolt. Instantly he vanished and there was a huge flash of lightning in the sky. The lightning kept reoccurring increasing in frequency as time went passed.

"He is where he wanted to be now lets move."  finished Snira

Rone obeyed and stood in front of Snira like others around him, still looking troubled.The lightning flash by now had split into many independent flashed and were now converging into a spherical shape. surprisingly there was no sound of thunder. The Lightning sphere slowly descended on the people gathered around Snira and engulfed them.



The End

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