The Question

Rone entered the cave followed by Snira who had gone back to the crystal form. Victor led them both through a series of tunnels whose walls emitted a soft light. Not too dim not too bright. Just enough to illuminate the path around.

Victor stopped beside a particular section of the tunnel's wall and gently pushed it behind to reveal a hidden room. As Rone followed Victor along with Snira into the room, he saw people sitting around on the floor.Victor then announced

"Dear elders,today we  have a very special guest among us. He would like to share his story with us as I'm sure you would be curious to know the secret behind the floating crystal that you see here" finished Victor looking at Snira.

the elders nodded in unision.

Snira gently brushed Rone's arm. Rone walked towards the centre of the windowless room, cleared his throat and spoke

"Greetings, I'm Rone. I come from a land that is very different from yours. My world exists as a parallel world to yours. In fact your world is one of the six realms that exist parallel to ours. This particular island as i have been told has strange properties. This is because it acts as a portal to your realm. I believe the portal itself is the cause of all the strange things that people residing here have experienced. I suspect there is indeed a way off this place. For that , i believe the great Emiser can better explain to you." said Rone and moved a little back

Snira then floated towards the center and again a very very bright light filled the entire room and Snira emerged in the true form.

"Greeting the people of earth realm" said Snira in a very serene tone

even without looking at the faces of the people sitting in the room, Rone could make out the awe that everyone was experiencing on seeing Snira's true form

Snira continued "I'm Snira, the voice of the light element. As Rone explained we both come from a different world having many similarities to this world. However we are here for a reason. We need to find something as soon as possible, which could be only possible if we can find a way off this island. I have been told that everyone present here has been unable to leave this island. However I'm a different being altogether and do not have human limitations. In exchange for helping you leave this island ,I ask for your friendship,loyalty and trust which i will need when the time comes. If you all are ready to swear by this, we can begin the process of leaving this fateful place"

There was a total quiet in the room. Not a single whisper was heard. Everybody was busy thinking about what Snira had just said.Finally one of the oldest elder present there said

"Greeting O great Emiser Snira. I'm John Ebbuck. I was the first to arrive here at bermuda and i have lived here for over 7 centuries now. I'm deeply indebted to this place and therefore cannot leave. However my companions here can leave if the wish too, but before that i have a question for you great Emiser. Could you please answer that?" finished John

"ofcourse, I know you have your doubts. Please Proceed. " said Snira curtly

"How did you know we were stuck on this island and could not leave?" asked John in a suspicious tone

Snira remained silent

"Because Victor told us so" Rone interrupted

"No,that is not the answer im looking for" said John with a slight smile on his face

"I knew it because , I'm the one causing all the phenomena here" replied Snira.


The End

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