The Ragged Man

As King Nehar sat on his elegantly carved chair of wood studded with jades and sapphire, someone softly knocked on his chamber's door.

"Who is it?" asked Nehar

"The man who wanted to see you sir." replied the guard.

"Let him enter" said Nehar.

A  small middle aged man entered the room limping in his ragged clothes. he stood quietly in front of Nehar.

"I'm told that you have some information regarding my possession ?" Asked Nehar

"That is true my Lord" replied the man meekly

"If you are correct, i shall reward you handsomely. If  not, u know the consequences." said Nehar trying to test the other man's fear

"I understand my Lord" replied the man meekly again

"Very well, you may begin" said Nehar with a hint of glee.


"So according to you,  Esthaa sent the sixth element to the Earth realm so that it could unite with the "Hope" that you have told me about?" asked Nehar, clearly amused by what he had just learnt

"And if this "Hope" learns about his abilities and successfully unites with the sixth element , he could actually have a chance of claiming the other 5 elementals and become the ruler of realms before me?" asked Nehar, still surprised by this new information

"Yes my Lord" replied the ragged man.

Hmm... this is indeed quite some development" said Nehar clasping and unclasping his hand.

"But, tell me this.... How do you know all this, and why are you telling me this?" enquired Nehar curiously.

"I know all this, because i was the one who suggested this to the resistance. They found the "Hope" after a long and painfull search. They sent it to the Earth realm to keep it safe. And now they have been successful in obtaining the sixth element as well. And I'm telling you all this , because i have my own reasons to do so. Revenge is what drives me now. Thats the only emotion i have left in me now." finished the limped man almost on the verge of crying

"Very well. So we both have a common Enemy now. " said Nehar slyly

"We do, my Lord. And unless you do something soon about this, you could soon lose your empire." the man said wiping off his eyes with his torn sleeve.

"Guards!" Shouted Nehar

at once four handsomely dressed guards came running in.

"Get this man some better clothes, and prepare my transport"

"The usual sir?" asked the guard

"No, not that. Prepare the one i newly won from my enemy. It has some specialities you see." said Nehar excitedly

"Lets Begin, we have to sort out this mess my new friend" Nehar said turning to the ragged man

The End

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