The Tales of Bermuda

Victor Beckoned Rone to follow him. Rone obliged and walked along with Raze,Nair and others.

"So you live here Victor?" enquired  Rone puzzled looking at the wrecked surroundings.

"Oh! yes.. you see , we all are doomed sailors stuck at this place. Well at least most of us ." Victor said while giving a  quick glance to Nair

"Call it our fortune or misfortune, but our mighty ships were brought here by this island. They were humbled and wrecked. But somehow all  sailors of each ship were spared by the sea. Ever so often we find new people coming aboard here. Sometimes by sea sometimes by air!" finished Victor

"I see, so you all have adapted to this enviornment." said Rone

"Yes, pretty much because there is no way off this place as far as we know."  said Victor

"But what caused your ships to get wrecked here?" asked Rone

"We all had common experiences. Each one of us were following our usual route, but when we got too close to this particular area , our ships were pulled here like magnets pull iron nails! it was as if some magical force pulled us here!" said Victor

"Magical force? hmmm..." said Rone while thinking deeply.

"How long have you been here Victor?" asked Rone casually

"Well, its been Three Hundred and Twenty Two years if my memory is still working as it should."  Victor said while laughing

"What!? How is that possible??" Asked Rone Amazed

Even with knowledge of some of the most secretive magic ever known in Irsat, no one was able to achieve immortality or even extend one's lifespan beyond a century or two.

"We do not know, but it is one of the gifts this island has given us all. We do not age. Owing to this we have some very old people here who still look very young" Victor said as they neared a cave like entrance

"And they can also  move things without touching them" remarked Snira who had been silently listening to the discussion so far

"I thought this was your first time here great Emiser!" Rone said with a clear expression of curuiosity

"It is, however i have knowledge of certain things of each realm"  Snira said Slyly.

"Well, here we are"  Victor said while pointing towards the hill in front of them.

"Shall we go in ?" Asked Victor warmly.

"Yes, but before we enter i need  to stretch out a bit." Said Snira as the crystal began to glow brighter and brighter until everyone present was bedazzled with light and the Alternate form of Snira reappeared. Tossing the golden hair Snira looked amusingly at everyone around her

Nair tried to fall back but tripped and came down on the ground. Everybody present there gasped as they saw how magnificent Snira looked

"Boy, You have a lot to tell" Said Victor amazed by what he was seeing

"And i have a lot to learn. Lets Begin" replied Rone



The End

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