The Informer

A fire crackled in the mantelpiece giving warmth to the two people sitting next to it.

"How are things going for you?" asked the man sitting on the left side of the fire

"Not good, dear friend.  Somehow my worst fears have come true" said the other man miserably.

"Worry not, He will be safe where he is going. This is the best and only thing we can do"  Said the first man trying to pacify his friend

"I know, but its still very hard. Specially when i think of her finding out about this. She would be devastated if she ever comes to know about this" said the second man remorsefully

"But what you have done and are doing is a good thing my friend. May God be with You And the "Hope"  we are trying to save" the first man said while getting up to leave from the house.

"Yes, may gods be with us in saving our last chance of freedom" replied the second man.

As the first man closed the door behind him, the second man stared at the fire.

The fire crackled  and then came a sudden voice from it

"It is Time" came a voice from the crackling fire. The Man nodded and moved away.

A jet of fire erupted from the mantelpiece and a something fiery and fierce landed on the silk carpet. The man gasped in astonishment as he saw what emerged from the flames.


A guard came running towards Nehar's chamber and knocked on the door

"Come in if you have some worthwhile news for me or i will burn you to the death!"said Nehar

"Sirrrrr... Siirr... Thereeee ... Isss someone.. someone to see you..." said the guard frightened out of his wits.

"And who may that be?" Asked Nehar sternly

"he.. he says.. that he has information about the whereabouts of ... of..." gasped the guard

"OF WHAT?" asked Nehar Angrily

"the sixth element my lord" said the guard expecting a blow on himself.

"Very well ,bring him here" said Nehar calmly

"Yes ,my lord" said the guard as he moved away, unable to believe his good fortune.

The End

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