The Earth Realm

As Rone fell down the passage , he clutched Snira tightly in his right hand and the package in the left. The wind rushed against his face as he fell weightlessly through the dark tunnel. Finally he saw a faint glow at the the other end. He tried to slow down, but in vain. He got nearer and nearer to the glow and it kept getting brighter, and then "spffffffff.....shhs" he slided across the floor, which was strangely very soft to land on.He shot out like a bullet, and landed with a thud on green marshy floor.

"Ugh... what is this place" said Rone seeing himself all muddy. He surveyed his surroundings, and saw many shipwrecks in a distance. He stood up and walked towards one of them. It was a huge ship. Rone had seen ships in Irsat too near the Leishian Sea, but they were puny compared to the size of this ship. He stared at it for a while and then looked at Snira's crystal for some kind of explanation.

"Don't look at me, I'm as new here as you are " said Snira cooly

Suddenly there was a clicking sound from behind

"Halt, don't you dare take another step!! Who are you and how come you are here?" asked a Burly man with some strange item in his hand pointing at Rone.

"Answer me will you!?!" said the man impatiently.

"I'm Rone, from the land of Irsat. Greetings  dear friend" said Rone calmly.

"What gibberish, what is this irsiuat u say!?!? afff.. i had enough you are coming with me Irsy guy" saying this he tried to grab hold of Rone.Instantly he was thrown away by a flash of light blue spark. They man got up shaking "What the hell was that!?! Who are you!?!?" asked the man scared out of his wits.

"Oh, I'm sorry but that wasn't me. It was the great Emiser Snira who did that to you. I guess he did not approve your action." said Rone while pointing at the crystal.

At that moment a group of men arrived, and one of them walked forward and asked the man who was blasted by Snira. "Whats the commotion here Nair?" asked the man sternly.

"This ...this.. man attacked me when i tried to know his whereabouts Victor!"said Nair still shaking.

"Is that true?" asked Raze looking at Rone.

"No , he tried to attack us first" said Rone without a hint of fear.

"Oh , now did you Nair?" asked Victor looking at Nair.

"Uhmm.. well yess .." confessed Nair.

"In that case im sorry for this bad episode. Let me welcome you to the Bermuda Triangle!" said Victor cheerfully.

The End

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