The Realms

Rone and Snira followed Rotem towards the Waterfall.

"Incas Mohiri Umi!" said Rotem and suddenly there was a huge jerk in the ground.

The waterfall parted in the middle to reveal a hidden passage. Rotem beckoned Snira and Rone to follow him. Snira turned back into a crystal and softly landed on Rone's palm.As they entered the passage, flames leapt up on the walls to illuminate their path.The tunnel went deeper and deeper in the ground. Finally Rone saw some light ahead. As Rone walked out of the tunnel, the sight he saw bedazzled him!

A pool of water reflected of light from 6 different large holes which were each surrounded by a huge crystal of different color, namely red,blue,green,white and black. Rone noticed  one of them had a empty space in place of a crystal as if.. something was torn apart from there. He looked at Rotem for some explanantion, but he merely smiled.

Snira explained seeing Rone perplexed.

"These Holes represent the 6 realms around our world of Irsat. Each of the surrounding stones signify the basic element the world is based upon. The empty spot you see there is where the light realm's crystal stood. Light realm is the most powerful of all the other 5 realms, and as i have been told, Nehar stole it from here in his attempt to control the elemental stone." finished Snira serenly

"Hmmm, i never knew Irsat so deeply. That answers a lot of questions" said Rone looking satisfied.

"so what do we do now?" asked Rone eager to see more mysteries.

"Rotem is the only person who can manage the realms power. Ofcourse this ability came with a price. But he is willing to do anything to save  this Land. He will guide us now" said Snira

"Yes, Please follow me" said Rotem while moving towards the whole with the green stone

When all three of them reached the green stone, Rotem said "Before you leave, beware that nobody else should find out the portal's location on the other side, otherwise it would be of great consequence. Also take these"  he handed Rone a package and a scroll. "Please deliver it to whom its addressed. It is very vital that you deliver it." said Rotem inspecting Rone's reaction.

"Sure, we will." said Rone Firmly as Snira watched patiently.

Rotem gestured both of them to stand next to the portal and then said "Incas ahitas Eushi Realma Eartha Elementisia!" instantly both Snira and Rone were cocooned in a green bubble. The bubble floated towards the hole and stopped right on top of it.

Expecting something amazing to happen Rone waited eagerly. and then "Puck" came a sound and the bubble bursted. He fell straight down the holw along with Snira. What a rude way to depart!

The End

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