The Portal

As Rone exited through the oak doors, he ignored Liu and walked straight towards Zyore.

"The meeting is done Zoyre, please move aside so i can leave" asked Rone in a rush.

"No, first you promise me you will look after yourself and not react rashly like you always do" asked Zoyre with a meaningful look in his eyes.

"Ok, don't worry about me, i have an Emiser taking care of me now" said Rone smiling.

"Oh!! so thats what all the hush hush was about! Good  go ahead and goodluck with your quest old friend" Zoyre said while moving aside to reveal the Stone Door.

"Incas Umi" Rone said, and the stone vanished to reveal the base of the mountain again.

Rone stepped out and say the sunlight illuminating the lake gracefully.

"So now what do we do great Emiser?" Rone asked Snira in the crystal as the door closed behind them.

"I suppose your emotional upheaval has gone by? Don't worry Rone,  we will triumph no matter what come sour way. For now we need to meet  Rotem the keeper of passage. He alone knows the mystery of the portals between our world" said Snira in the same sweet echoing voice.

"So where can we find him? And how do we get there? I don't have anymore warp stones with me." said Rone trying to think of a way

"Let me help you."saying this the crystal floated away from Rone and in an instant the tall sturdy figure of Snira emerged. Rone noticed the absence blinding light this time.

"Come, climb on me" said Snira giving a warm smileand kneeling down . "I'm privileged  great Emiser" Rone said while climbing cautiously overs Snira's silken skin.

he sat near Snira's head. The gold hair around him was warm and cosy. Rone held to it tightly.

"Ready my dear friend?" asked Snira mischievously.

"Yes Emiser" said Rone trying to sound bold.

With a huge jerk, two wings spread out from Snira's skin, white in color. With one big swipe, Rone and Snira were high in the air. Another swipe and Snira lurched forward , its golden hair swaying behind with Rone scared to death and holding tightly. Snira giggled and slowed down. They started Cruising over the grassy planes.

"Wow, you got great power great Emiser!" Rone said in admiration recovering from the initial shock.

"Thank you Rone, and you can call me Snira, the council isnt here anymore" said Snira mildly.

"Haha.. well, great to know you Snira" said Rone laughing

"Same here Rone" said Snira as they glided forward.


It was evening by the time they saw what they were looking for.  Snira and Rone landed on the bank of the river. Rone got down, glad to be back on land again. Snira nudged  him towards the waterfall. A pale looking old man sat next to it on a rock, trying to catch fish.

As Rone and Snira approached him, he looked up.

"Ah about time you arrived here great Emiser. Welcome to my humble abode!" said the old man.

"Greetings Rotem, we have come here for your help."said Snira in the same echoing sweet voice.

"Please come in" said Rotem poniting towards the cave behind the waterfall.

Rone followed unaware that his wildest imaginations are going to start soon....


The End

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