Rone turned towards Lord Brian again and spoke,"well you drive a tough bargain my lord. To be accompanied by a Emiser is indeed something from legend. However i have a few questions before i accept your offer."

"Very well Rone, what would you like to know?" said Lord Brian Smiling.


"First and foremost,why i wasn't involved in the plot to recover the stone? after all its been me who has been supplying  the council information about King Nehar and his plans! Next where were you people when i was being chased to death by Nehar's  men? I barely managed to give them a slip. I have been in hiding for over 3 months now! " Rones blustered his eyes seething with anger."

"For your first question, you weren't involved because we needed your help in finding the other 5 elements. Imagine what would the Pioneers do, without any information about the location of the stones? We  couldn't risk your life! Next..."

at that moment Lord Brian's explanation was cut  short by another council member sitting to the far right of Lord Brian.

"Rone? You are very valuable to us. Without you the whole concept of pioneers does not exist. King Bama was been supporting us with his troops. Nehar been able to know our actions in advance somehow. We ourselves were in grave danger . This  sanctuary was almost breached by Nehar's forces. These are troubled times..Rone, we really wanted to help you." said the lady

everyone else agreed in unision with her response.

"Thank you  Sedna, i hope Rone understands us better now" Lord Brian said looking at Rone.

"Fine, but why do i have to go to this Earth realm? i already had a good experience for a lifetime there!!" retorted Rone still unsatisfied

"Because you  know what its like there better than any of us. And because you swore to protect the elements at all costs! This is your chance of redemption Rone, Dont you see it?" said Sedna  with almost misty eyes.

Rone got up looked Sedna, bowed to Lord Brian and started to walk back towards the oak doors. "Hmmm?" came a soft whisper .

Rone stopped  and Looked at Snira, he stood there remembering something while looking into Snira's  blue eyes and seeing his own reflection. He nodded "Very well ,lets go great Emiser" sighed Rone, still wondering why he agreed.

Snira looked back at the council, shook its head. The council members  gave and understanding nod. Again a Blinding flash of light, and the crystal reappeared and floated towards Rone.  Rone let it drop on his palm and walked out of the doors in a rush.

The End

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