The Emiser

Rone kept staring at the  crystal in Lord Brian's hand.

"You are not serious are you?!" asked Rone still swallowing what he was seeing in front of him.

"Well don't you want to ask it yourself?"saying this Lord Brian gave the crystal to Rone, who took it still awing at its beauty. He stared at it for a moment, then said

"O great Emiser, please give me the privledge of your presence. Incas Umi!" said Rone loudly.

Instantly the crystal shined brighter and lit up the whole hall. it floated away from Rone's grasp and grew big in size. Light started beaming out from the cracks of the crystal. Everyone present there was blinded by a flash of light. As Rone's vision recovered he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing! The Legendary Emiser was standing right before him!

It tossed the long flowing golden hair from its head to its side. It stood tall with all its four legs towering above all present in the hall. It radiated a bluish glow from its body. It had a smooth and silky skin. Its face had somewhat human resemblance but what set it apart was the diamond shaped crest above its head. It surveyed the fall slowly, acknowledging everyone's presence, finally stopping its gaze on Rone, who was still looking in awe.

"Greeting's human. Were you the person who summoned me?" asked the creature in a sweet echoing voice.

"Uhh.. yyyess..yye..YES! O mighty Emiser. I'm Rone,Son of Gerile, Prince of the Fytham clan. Lord Brian here tells me that you will be accompanying me, on my journey" said Rone meekely.

"That is correct" the creature again said it in its echoing voice

"I'm Glad to hear that. May i know your name O great Emiser?" asked Rone respectfully

"I'm Snira, the Emiser of sixth element. Im a part of the sixth element itself that is the element of Light.I'm here to accompany you to find the stone of the sixth element. I was awakened when Estha the guardian of the sixth element touched the elemental stone.We Emisers are the voice of the elements." finished Snira, contended with her speech.

"I see ,respected Emiser Snira, but before we begin our journey i need answers to some questions from Lord Brian" Rone said while kneeling in front of Snira.

"Very well, proceed as you wish" Snira said


The End

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