The Crystal

Blinded by the strong light, Rone Stepped out fumbling from the hole in midair.

"Ugh! why does it have to be so high always?!" cursed Rone as he found his vision recovering after landing on the ground

He saw what he expected, the same old lake with creatures gliding over it, a Huge Mountain on his left and a vast grassland ahead.  Sighing he turned left towards the Mountain's base and said

"I'm Rone , Son of Gerile, Prince of the Fytham clan. I'm here , as i have been summoned by the council of Kesis, let me in.  Incas Umi!"

as soon as he said the last two words, a Huge straight crack appeared in front of him on the huge mountain side.It slowly Widened to reveal a jet black dragon staring at him, rather amusingly.

"Welcome back Rone, Long time no see? you didn't even write to me!" said the dragon mockingly to Rone.

"Well Zoyre, You are right, 10 years is long enough. I guess i was busy trying to hide all these years and couldn't write to you!. Please accept my apology, i will make it up to you old friend."  Rone said heartedly.

"Ah, that explains it! never mind you got a job to do at the moment. Carry on, we will catch up later!"  said Zoyre.

"Thanks, i'm sure the council is eager to see me" saying thing Rone entered the Tunnel behind Zoyre and walked towards the Huge Oak door ahead.

As Rone neared the Oak door, he noticed a huge  Beautifully colored owl perched atop the Door. "well this is new to me" Rone thought to himself while staring at the owl.

"Greeeeeeeeetinnnnggs Stranger!! What brought you here?!?!!?" Asked the Owl Joyfully.

"I was Invited by the council for some urgent work" said Rone rather curiously.

"OOOOO!! Well, Lets play some game first! How about riddles?! DO you like them?!!?" Asked the owl eagerly.

Rone couldnt believe what he just heard, he came here in the middle of the night just to hear a owl ask riddles? He shaked his head in disbelief.

"Oh There You are!" Rone turned to see a man walking down right corridor, beside the door.

"Ah! i see, i think you have met Liu.  He is annoying sometimes..." said the man.

"Ok Liu thats enough, you can  play later, Let Rone enter he has urgent work!" the man said in a authoritative tone.

"Awww.. Fine.. but i will make you play my game someday Rone"saying this He flew down to the middle of the door and pecked its beak inside a hole, as if it were a key! The door Swung open slowly to reveal a Wide hall.

"Lets not keep them waiting shall we?" said the man to Rone, who was still getting over what just transpired.

At the far end of the hall, there was arrangement of about fifteen Seats, which were distributed evenly on both sides of a central Throne. An Old man sat there dressed in purple robes holding a spear like object with a circle at the top end.

"Dajir, The Council of Kesis" said Rone kneeling before the old man at the center. Several people on both sides of the throne acknowledged Rone's greeting.

"Rise Rone, today you have a great Task ahead. I appreciate you coming here, given you rarely visit us.." Said the old man.

"Well, i had some trouble Lord Brian. What is the urgent work you summoned me for?"asked Rone inquisitively.

"You see Rone, the news just arrived that the Sixth element has been recovered by her guardian" said brian with a remorseful look.

"Why, this is a moment to celebrate then! Why do you look so pale Lord Brian?" asked Rone Puzzled.

"You see, while recovering the element her guardian Esthaa transferred it to some other place to keep it from King Nehar." said Lord Brian again looking paler.

"Great, so why exactly you don't sound happy?". "Ahem, it was transferred to another Realm." said Lord Brian, finally relieved of the burden.

"WHAT!?!? WHERE!?!? ah.... i get it now, you want me to fetch it now don't you? I Knew i should have kept sleeping!" Rone replied sarcastically.

"Please Rone, you are the only one who has experience of the Earth realm.Please help us!! Besides you won't be Alone.." Pleaded Lord Brian.

" What Do You Mean by Not Alone?" asked Rone suddenly Curious.

"Haha, here take  a look who consented to come with  you for this dangerous task" with a twinkle in his eye Lord Brian took out a light blue  crystal from his robes and displayed it to Rone. Rone's jaw dropped. He was having hell of a Day!

The End

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