The Begining of the Journey

A ragged man limped on the grassy plain, towards the magnificent castle lying ahead of him. He knew what he was doing, and was aware of the consequences if he got caught, but he convinced himself

"i must do it, for only then can i get my revenge. Its a small price to pay to savour the sweet taste of triumph over your enemy."  . At last he reached the gates.

"Halt, Who are You?" a guard asked in a aggressive voice.

"Dajir my friend, tell your master that a faithful servant of his has some very important information for him."

"What information do you have?" enquired the guard.

"Something he would be overjoyed to learn about"said the ragged man with a smirk.

"No,no i can't let you go in like that, sorry please go away"said the guard dissatisfied with the other man's explanation.

"Ah, what if i tell you its about his recently lost possession?" the ragged man said with his eyes full of glee.

"WHAT!?!? Oh im so sorry, i will take you to him right away!!" the guard said shakingly as he rembered Blue bolts of light, just some hours back.

"Very well, lets move" and they started walking towards the golden Veil.


A single candle Burned and cast it's light in the small dingy cottage. A man stirred slightly,then fell back asleep. He was uneasy about something. Unable to bear his thoughts, he finally opened his eyes. His green eyes gleamed like 2 finely cut emeralds. He sat up slowly on his rickety bed,and thought about something for a while. Suddenly there was a crack,and a blinding white light illuminated the shabby cottage.

"Rone,you have been summoned for. Do not tarry..the council awaits you...." said a  female voice.

Perplexed, Rone looked around for the source of this announcement, and noticed a lady in white with her head surrounded by a halo. Instantly the lady vanished.  Rone surprised at this unusual message , thought maybe she did not like his place and was in  a hurry. Since he rarely got visitors,this wasn't a unexpected behaviour.Finally he got down on the dusty floor, and walked towards a shelf. He looked at himself in the mirror, a very lean figure and a body full of strange marks defined him. Those marks were the things that reminded of his Pride, Honour, the glorious things he did...and ofcourse  his ultimate goal. He combed his shabby hair and walked out of his house. A cool night breeze greeted him, he stood there gazing towards the mountains at the far end of horizon. Then he walked towards a nearby big rock. He put the palm of his hand on it and whispered something, Immediately a big hole emmiting blue light appeared on the rock. Smiling and unaware of the hardships coming his way, Rone entered the hole and closed it behind him.

The End

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