A Story about our world , and a magical world existing parallely alongside ours. The adventure of a Young Boy is followed here who meets Snira ,one of the 6 Ancient Emisers each of whom posses the powers of an element . Magic,Bravery,Desperation ,Surprise,Love,Hate are the various Things that the Boy and Snira have to face together to return glory to the Land of Irsat and it's inhabitants,and most essentially ensure the survival of both the worlds, Not Knowing what Destiny Awaits them.

Dark was the night as the young and handsome king walked towards the entrance of his magnificent castle. A single ray of moonlight illuminated his path and his handsome face. With his sharp features and his unusual charm, he could deceive anyone of his true intentions. Checking his surroundings every second ,the young king stealthily walked towards the gate. A sudden sound of rustling leaves made him stop dead in his tracks, but finding no disturbance he walked on towards the entrance. A huge golden veil covered the towering gate. Seeing his destination in sight the King felt pleased  as he would no longer have to worry about anything more once his job was done. As he stood an inch from the veil,he whispered something in a strange language. At once the veil lost it's bright golden color and became pale and transparent. He walked through the veil and saw what he was looking for.  A tall centuar stood before him. The creature had an air of pride  about himself. With his well built arms and strong legs, anyone with an eye for a half horse and half man would admire his body.

"Dajir my lord,King Nehar..conquerer of conquerers  and Almighty Vanquisher!" said the centuar addressing the young king in a sturdy tone.

"Dajir my faithful servant. Aymir. Has the work been done?" asked Nehar authoritatively. 

"Yes my lord. The creatures of this land  have been made aware  of your intentions and they are being put to work as we speak." said Aymir with excitement in his voice. 

"Very good Aymir,you have done your task well. You will get your reward as soon as the work is over." said Nehar curtly.

"Thank you ,my lord i'm forever your servant. However...  there is something i need to ask you about.."said Aymir hesitantly.

"Very well, let me know your question". As Nehar said the these word there was a crackling sound of dead from the nearby bushes.

"It seems we are not alone here tonight" said Nehar. "No my lord , I have taken pains to ensure that no one followed me here." said Aymir with an uncertain look on his face.

"Very well, guards!" he signaled  to all the guards nearby surrounding  the castle to  go away. At once Aymir and Nehar were alone near the entrance of Nehar's castle.

"Now tell me what did you want to ask me?" he asked with a curious look on his face. "My lord ,with all due respect and faithfullness, I wish to ask you about the location of the sixth element." Asked Aymir in a weak whisper.

"How Dare You!! You lowly servant!! How dare you ask me such a question!" retorted the king angrily..

"My apologies my lord but it is essential for our goal....." said Aymir weakly.

and saying so the king took out a locket from under his robes. The locket had a brilliant electric light blue crystal in it's center in the shape of a star.

""It looks the same as people have described about the legendary crystal, i'm priveldged to see it my lord!.Thank you !Thank you! I can now continue with our work." said Aymir with a voice full of admiration for the locket.

"I just have to check now whether it is the "One" my lord " said Aymir. "here take it and do your checking fast" Nehar said impatiently.

As Nehar  lunged foreward to hand over the locket to Aymir blinding light lit up the dark night followed by a deafening sound. In a moment both Aymir and Nehar were thrown apart like twigs . "Ahhh!!!" cried Nehar as he saw the locket slipping away from his hands. He fell in the mud with a dull thud, followed by the sound of Aymir's body hitting a nearby tree.. A beautiful lady stepped out from behind a tree holding an unconscious guard. Her blond hair glistening in the shimmering moonlight. Her delicate features made her look beautiful even when she was covered in mud..

"Not so fast Nehar! You owe me quite a lot" said the lady in blunt voice yet pleasant to hear.

"Ah, a guardian at my doorstep? Welcome, you have arrived on time! We are almost ready you see." said Nehar with a fake smile.

"You and your plans are not going anywhere as long as i'm alive!" the lady said while inching towards the locket lying on the ground

"Don't you dare!!" roared Nehar seeing her run towards the locket lying on the ground

"Hah, a coward will stop me?" said the lady scornfully

She hurriedly ran and picked up the locket. At once king Nehar roared "Guards!! Stop her!!" , the guards came out clumsily and ran towards the lady. At once  the lady shot red coloured flash of light at the guards, and all of them fell down like pins or got thrown away

" Alas you won't succeced!!" said Nehar menacingly

The lady looked at Nehar with eyes full of disgust which didn't suit her almond like eyes.

"Ah ! i see revenge is it?" said Nehar jesting her.

"I won't stoop as low as you you lowly being." Replied the lady with a voice full of anger ,which strangely  was still  pleasant to hear.

"well you don't have a choice then!' said Nehar laughing .

At that moment Aymir kicked the lady with his hooves from behind, and the lady was thrown away. She dropped the locket when she hit ground again.

"Finally i can boast of destroying a guardian!!" said Aymir pleased with his doing."

"You may destroy me O mighty warrior ,but u can never lay your filthy hands on something immensely purer than you!" said the lady while trying in vain to get up.

" Enough!! guards take her away!" at that moment the lady shouted

"Arth Incas Zyat!!" All of a sudden  a hole appeared in mid air near her. And the Locket rose from the ground and started floating toawards the hole.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" screamed Nehar. Again there was a blue flash  which caused Aymir and Nehar to get blasted away fromt he Locket. At that moment the locket passes through the hole and closed instantaneously. the women satisfied with her work, collapsed unconscious. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" cried nehar violently. In his rage he shot a bolt of lightning at his guards ,and instanly they were evaporated from their spot. As the first ray of dawn hit Nehar's face,he pined for his lost possesion......

The End

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