As soon as Rai went back into the bathroom, a blinding light entered the room.

"Hey, no fair!" Ebony said, continuing the competition. The light flickered faster than before. Blinding for a millisecond, the shrouding the group in total darkness for another. Then the bathroom door opened loudly. The orb immediately disappeared.

"Dove! Are you OK!?" Cindy exclaimed, seeing Dove's tear stained face. 

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine" she said, and wiped away the stain. Adish ran his hands through his hair and looked down. Rai sat down on the bed and held out a dagger.

"Kyle, this is not funny" she said.

"Well don't just blame Kyle!" Cindy said.


"No! I'm not stupid!"

"Listen, let's just think about this. It wont have been one of the guys, you would never dream of letting them in your bag" Dove pointed out.

"Fair point"

"But... who would be stupid enough to...? " Cindy trailed off.

"Listen, I wont be angry with you. Just admit it who put this in my bag" everyone shook their heads. It wasn't any of them.

"I don't know who did it but Rai?"


"It's sparking!" Kyle told her

"Eek!" Rai dropped the dagger in shock and it landed at Cindy's feet. Cindy picked it up and the sparking stopped immediately. It turned to just being a dull yellow dagger.

"Here Rai. It belongs to you" she said, and handed it back to her friend.

The End

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