"Hey, it's okay, stop crying," said Rai, putting her arm around Dove. Dove continued to weep.

"It's ruined! It took me ages to find that dress, and it's ruined!" she said, between sobs.

"It's alright, we'll find you another one. Come on, cheer up," Rai said, kindly. She left the bathroom to find her bag, which took a while because Ebony and Cindy were having a competition. There was a dim ball of light in the centre of the room and the two girls were standing on opposite sides, deep in concentration. The light flickered so much it was hard to see.

"Would you guys quit it?" Rai shouted, raising her hand, palm outwards, and fired electricity at the glowing sphere. It imploded, leaving the room in darkness until Kyle had the sense to flick the light switch on. She grabbed her bag and went back to the bathroom. Dove had stopped crying.

"Here," said Rai, pulling a Yorkie out of her bag and handing it to Dove, who opened it and slowly ate a square, sniffling. Rai reached into her bag for the other Yorkie. Her fingers closed around not the crinkly blue chocolate wrapper but something hard, cold.

"Wha?" she said, pulling the object out of her bag.

It was a golden dagger.

The End

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