Umm... Oops?


Ec's dad kicked the ten of them out the next morning. 

"Go on, get out. I have enough stuff to do without worrying about what eight girls are doing with two boys" he grinned as they left. Yeah, that's Adish. One of two boys in a group of ten. 'How did he end up befriending eight girls?' you may ask. Well, he would tell you but it's a long story. 

"I need to show you my dress for the disco!" Dove said. 

"You're actually going to the disco?" Ebony raised an eyebrow. 

"Yes! Come on! Let's go!" so Adish followed them to Dove's house.

"I'll wait till the disco" he said when they got to her bedroom door. She blushed slightly and nodded. Adish sat on the landing and shot little balls of fire into her room, which Aire blew out when they get to her. Kyle sat's next to him. Dove's parents tended to stay away when they were round at her house, so they won't notice. He heard a few 'wow's and 'that's really nice's. He shot another fireball into the room. It whizzed past Aire before she could blow it out and it hit something flammable. And he knew it hits something flammable because he heard the whoosh as his fireball set it instantly alight. There was a scream and a few shouts. Aire rushed out of view and Kyle rushed in the bedroom. Adish heard a whoosh of air and a splash as Aire and Kyle put out the fire. He get up and ran into the room. Dove looked up at him, furious. 

"You idiot!" she yelled "You complete and total idiot!"

"Look, I'm really sorry..." Adish trailed off as he saw the remains of what must have been Dove's dress.

The End

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