By light of night

"So, I don't think any of us know the full extent of everyone else's powers. Can we show each other? Sound," Echo said, putting a sound barrier over the door before increasing and decreasing the sound everyone heard so even though she was speaking normally her voice seemed to be shouting then whispering.

"Light," said Cindy, making the ball so bright it looked like a miniature sun. After a minute Ebony said "Dark," and dimmed the globe again.

Fire," muttered Adish, making a camp style fire in the middle of the circle, burning the rug. When it went out however, it left no trace.

"Earth," said Hermione, the floorboards around suddenly sprouted shrubbery. Suddenly the group was surrounded by a glistening sheet of ice, and no one needed to look for the owner of the voice that proclaimed "Ice,"  for they all knew it was Crystal.

"Electricity," said Rai, electricity crackling round a spear type lightning bolt which appeared in her hand.

"Air," replied Aire, and blew the bolt out of the open window.

"Spirit," said a disembodied voice. They all looked around for the owner in vain. A laugh came from the middle of the room and Dove reappeared, giggling.

"Now we know, let's try and get some sleep," said Ebony, putting out Cindy's light permanently.

The End

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