Night Time

"Do your parents know?" Echo asked Hermione.

"No, do yours?" she asked everyone else.

"No" Rai said "my mum would probably put it all over the newspapers and everything. There'd be a documentary on it"

"Yeah, you're probably right" Dove laughed. "My parents don't know. I don't want to tell them"

"No, neither do I. I dunno... I just..." Hermione trialed off. They were all sleeping over at Ec's. All ten of them. She didn't know how Echo's dad coped. They took it in turns. They kinda added three days to the week to make it fair, but hey. There's nothing wrong with that. Just that no-one had a set day.

"Lights out!" Ec's dad called up the stairs. Hermione turned the bedroom light off and Cindy created an orb of light in the centre of the room. 

The End

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