a story about five young elementals, fighting for what is right.

Kin sighed deeply, trying to relax, let go. It was his sixteenth birthday, and was the time when he, just as every other human being on the planet, would be tested for elemental power. He walked through the doors of the Elemental academy and went to the testing room. There was a small crowd of youths gathered outside. Kin stared at them fearfully. He didn't much like meeting new people. The people there had all had their birthdays in the past week, but unlike Kin, the testing day was not on the same day as their birthday, since people were only tested on a Saturday. Kin quaked nervously as he sat down. A girl across the hall with firey red hair stared at him. He was quite odd, he supposed, what with his incredibly pale skin, white blond hair and big gray eyes. Her eyes were black and seemingly bottomless. She had tanned skin and sharp cheek bones. He knew instantly that she was of the fire tribe. They were in the main city in their land, Garn. Garn was for people of all tribes, but each different tribe had a sanctuary just for their own kind. Of course, people of other tribes were allowed to visit, but certain things were always hidden when those of another tribe were around. Another boy, sitting a few seats down from Kin, had the sandy hair and green eyes of the earth tribe. Kin also noticed the black hair and golden skin of the water tribe, and the pale skin and dyed hair of the Quintessence tribe. Kin himself was of the air tribe, his people were the gentle nomads. They traveled far and wide, but had temples high in the mountains, only reachable by air 'benders' as they were called. Benders were people who controlled an element. Water Benders, Air Benders, Fire Benders, Earth Benders and Quintessence Benders.

"Excuse me? Air boy? Its your turn to be tested!" Kin jumped. He had been in a day dream. The speaker, a young woman with nut brown curls, looked at him quizzically.

" Y-yes. M-my name's Kin." He stammered. The woman smiled and said: "Well hello Kin, nice to meet you! I'm Lou. If you'd just step this way." Kin blushed and followed her through into the large room. He sat on the small cushion. She knelt down opposite him and placed her finger tips on his temples. After what seemed like a life time, she sat back and smiled.

"You are indeed an elemental. Your powers are so strong! You will be a great bender indeed!"  She proclaimed. You can go back to your lodgings now. Be sure to arrive before Sun high tomorrow!" Kin sighed with relief. He was a bender! As soon as he got into the street he gave a little cheer and leapt into the air. It was a very un-Kin-like thing to do and he startled himself with it. He was normally so quiet, so reserved. He hated bringing attention to himself. He hurried back to his aunt's house where he and his mother were staying for the night. As soon as his mother heard the door open, she hurried into the hallway beaming excitedly.

"I'm a bender mum! I really am! I start at the academy tomorrow!" He cried, throwing his arms around her. She beamed happily and murmured in his ear: " I'm so proud of you, love." he smiled back.


The rest of the day passed in a blur, Kin skipping happily through it. Before he knew it, his mother was shaking him awake, saying: "Kin! Kin! Time to get up, you don't want to be late!"

He arrived at the gates of the academy early, lugging his bag behind him. He was surprised to see several others already gathered, sitting by the gate, backs against the perimeter wall. They were talking companionably.

" Hey!" A tall Earth boy with long, sandy hair and lots of golden freckles called. " Hey! Hey, come talk with us!"Kin went over and sat at the end of the line. Amongst the people already seated was the fire tribe girl he had seen yesterday, her long hair brushed out, her red dress covered in dust from the street.

" I'm Aki!" the Earth boy said smiling at Kin. " And this is Jae," He motioned at the fire tribe girl, who was sitting next to him, "Kaia," He motioned to an Earth tribe girl, "Houn," He motioned to a fire tribe boy, " and Kise." He motioned to a Quintessence tribe girl with bright blue hair and a tatooed arms. " Whats your name?"

" My name's Kin. I'm Air tribe." He said, barely managing not to stammer. The conversation continued, Lead by Aki, who seemed incredibly talkative. Slowly more and more people arrived until there were about twenty of them in all. Then the gates creaked open. Kin's heart leapt. He couldn't help but wonder what kind of amazing adventures awaited him....


The End

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