Elemental Wielders: Fight for the Gems


Fear left his eyes as he saw that his pursuer was just a mere young man in his teens. “Are they ridiculing me?”

The boy didn’t answer; instead he pulled his hood back allowing the man to see his face. Immediately after that, the man felt a sensation climbing up his spine, fear has comeback to hunt him.

“So, you have some guts to show your face huh?” He hid his feelings, taunting the opponent. He waited for an emotion to show in the boy’s face but his efforts ended up in failure, it still remained emotionless and cold.

“I see. So you’re a shy kid?” He once again taunted. Again he met failure. The boy was still motionless, as if patiently waiting to pounce on its prey, he shivered by the thought.

“Hey,” he called again. “Can we just finish this already?” He said rather impatient. He knew that he fear the imperceptible lad in front of him but, he fears his boss more. If he don’t get in the rendezvous in time his surely dead, so he decided to risk it, thinking that he’s just over estimating the opponent. “Besides he’s just a kid,” he whispered to himself.

The boy was now stepping forward, slowly. The man cannot perceive what he’s doing he just know he’s doing something under that cloak of his. The boy continued to close the distance between them, then he stopped. Something flung towards the man, a blade. It was fast and it could have landed home to its target if he was normal, but he’s not. The moment the blade touched the body it turned into flames, both the body and the blade.

Replication. Fire user. I see. The boy thought. And as what he expected the man was already behind him. He was grabbed from behind, locked between his sturdy arms.

“That was a pretty good throw kid?” The boy didn’t flinch nor move, the man was now puzzled. “Still acting cool?” Then he trembled in acknowledgement as the person in front of him slipped like sand in his grasp.

“Replication? And an earth type? How?” He asked continuously in a bewildered expression not noticing that vines have crept up his calves and to his arms, suddenly he can’t move. Then, from the dark the boy appeared, and now out of his cloak was slithering vines forming into a sharp wooden blade on his right arm.

Moments later the boy was standing in front of him. He was about to beg for mercy until he saw his eyes, it has nothing but an intent to kill, he shuddered and acknowledged his end. Then slowly he closed his eyes as he prepared for the pain that awaits him. And so he felt a forceful thrust, the pain seethed through his whole being, slowly engulfing him, until he felt nothing but peace.

“Weaklings… doesn’t even know the difference between replication and illusion.” A voice from behind said in disdain.

“Why are you here?” The boy said in a cold manner.

“I came here to watch. I didn’t expect it would end up fast.” The boy turned around and looked at him. He shrugged, he knew exactly what he wanted. “We found another princess and were appointed on a mission.”

“I see.”



First Chapter


Phae loves her life more than anything else, but somehow she had wished that her monotonous life would change into something exciting. What she didn’t know is that her life is up for a drastic turn.

“Phae, hey. Are you alright? You seem to be in a daze.”

“Yup, I’m okay. I was just… thinking.”

Her friend nodded in reply.

“Hey guys look. Another of those geeky boys.”

“Hmm… probably a freshmen.”

“Eeew… look at his hair does he even take a bath?”

“Guys” Phae tried to call there attention, but still the criticism continued. “Guys!” she called out louder. “Stop this please. Let’s just leave the poor guy alone.”

“It seems that our Phae have a little something for that guy huh?” Everyone except the accused fell into a guffaw.

“Guys, please, you know I was just being kind, right?”

Then the bell rang.

“Ooops I guess it’s time for class.” She said, relieved

“Yeah.” Everyone said in a dismissive tone.


A guy with ruffled hair, bulging, large specs and an unruly white, long sleeved, shirt was walking down the hallway trying to find his classroom undisturbed until a voice sounded in his ear.

“Hey David, find anything unusual?”

“Nothing. How about in your view?”



He had walked another few steps until he heard the voice again.

“Hey David,” the voice sounded quite unsure, doubting.

“What?” He urged the other to continue.

“Umm… you’re cover is not yet blown?”

“What do you mean?” He said indifferently.

“I mean no one’s still suspecting you for being too young for college?”

“The attire is doing its job.” He said coldly, making the other man laugh nervously remembering how they persuade him to wear the trash.


“Michael, please remind me to run for dear life after this.” A woman beside him said.

“You bet.” He looked to his right, in the woman’s direction. “What do you think you’re doing?” His face changed color. “Could you put your feet down? You’re ruining my beloved dashboard!” He snapped.

Slowly, sluggishly she puts her feet down. “That’s the very reason why you fail in love.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“I’m already engaged by my family, so why bother look for someone if I’m not even marrying him.” She looked outside the window and stared towards the sky. She knew in her heart that she’s still looking for some romance but when she remembers her family she knew it’s only in vain.

An alarm sounded and a red dot blinked on the screen.
“Umm… Cayla, we have some trouble.”


She was gazing out the window trying to stay awake from their boring class when someone entered the room. She was shocked to realize that it was the unlucky guy who was pinpointed to be criticized and ridiculed by her friends.

The teacher pointed in her direction, she was thinking why, then she remembered that secluding herself from the whole class, she took the farthest seat leaving the one beside her vacant. The guy walked towards her direction and took the seat beside her.

“Great” she said sarcastically, whispering to herself. She knew that she can’t bear to criticize others, but sitting beside, and being close with this weird person is just intolerable.

An hour has passed and everything was still as it used to. The guy beside him didn’t speak to her the whole hour, he just sat there stock-still. His scent wasn’t what she expected which was rancid, but it was a sweet and calming aroma that being beside him wasn’t half that bad.

Time flew and the bell rang, signaling the end of the horribly boring math subject. Immediately she stood and was heading towards the door when the guy she was seated next to blocked her way, his back facing her.

“Excuse me.” Still he stood there immobile. “Excuse me.” She said louder as she repeated. He still didn’t move. She was about to just step aside and take another direction towards the door when he blocked her using the back of his hand.

“What is your prob…”

“Stay and be quiet.” He cut her. She shuddered a bit by his cold voice.

She suspected that something was happening even though it wasn’t reflected in his actions, so she just peered above his shoulder to see what’s happening.


It was a good thing that there were still a lot of students not leaving the classroom. It provides cover. He thought. ‘Cause there they where. Two man clad in black suit went inside the classroom after the old professor left. They seem to search for something or likely, someone. And surely he knows who that someone they’re searching for.

“Who are they?” Asked someone, behind him.

He decided not to answer her question, they don’t have time left for that. “Let’s go.” Then he turned to her, staring in her dark brown eyes he added, “You’re life is in danger.”

Immediately, her eyes widened.



The End

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