Chapter II

A million thoughts blazed through Bernie's mind like the flames that had blazed from his hands. That is what had got his mind racing. How was it possible he burned his opponent? How was it possible he summoned fire powers?

He jumped causing embers to flicker from his fingers as a hand crashed down on his shoulder. He shook nervously as the last of his sudden power drained from him. He stared up through his bruised and black eyes at the deputy headteacher who began marching him back into the school.

Once they were both seated in her office she stared at him curiously for quite some time. She was known as the fair teacher and so was one of few teachers to get any kind of respect from pupils. She always wore a black skirt and white shirt and never let her hair out on a tight bobby ponytail. At last she opened her mouth to which Bernie's fell wide open

"That was brilliant!" she screamed a fiery smile creaping open her face "Truly brilliant. Poor Marcus will be quite shaken up but you showed great skill and technique"

"I-Wh-Who-I..." Bernie just blabbered uncontrollably as the deputy continued to smile

"You look tired...would you like some water?"

Bernie nodded and watched in amazement as a rain droplet formed in the teachers hand. She moved her fingers as do she was finger knitting. She wasn't making clothing she was making a ball of water

"Grab a cup" the magical teacher informed her ginger subject. Bernie grabbed the cup and watched as his waterfall drink slivered into the cup

"How?" Bernie managed to say as more questions raced through his aching head

"With this" she grinned passing me the answer to all of my questions

The End

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