Chapter I

"Fight, fight, fight"

The chorus echoed around him trapping him in a cage like an animal. He had never been in a fight before and found this new experience rather exciting. He felt unusually ready to face a boy much bigger than him but failed to show his confidence on his freckly face 

"Come on Bernie...are you chicken?"

The tauntings attacked the ginger boy gnawing at him in an attempt to break him down. But we was not going to submit to such a thing, he was ready...ready to fight!

The wall of meat turned to face Bernie and grunted. A mighty fist flew down at Bernie with a mighty force. The little geek suddenly felt feisty and dodged the sluggish assault before punching his opponent in the nose. Blood poured onto the sweet grass of the school playing field as Bernie kicked the giant.

The bully roared violently and grabbed Bernie. His cool demeaner blew away in a breeze as punch after punch landed in the boys small face. Finally Bernie was thrown onto the grass like a used sweety wrapper feeling bruised and weak.

He tried to get up but my monster just kicked the nerd in the ribs sending him sprawling into his back. Suddenly something clicked inside Bernie, he felt his insides blaze. He felt power surge through his core

A heavy boot landed on his stomach but he felt no pain. The nerd simply jumped up and launched himself towards the bully in a mighty inferno

Quite literally. All up the nerds arms where flames...flames that had come from nowhere. He began madly punching his opponent smouldering his clothes. With a mighty uppercut the bully flew backwards and landed badly hurt and badly burned

The underdog had won

The End

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