Blood slithered down Lunar's leg as the chain snapped into place and she hung from the tree, limbs stretched in all directions. The dreadful screams that rose from her throat could be heard from the underground prison, striking fear into the six wolves who awaited her return.

Hot, glimmering tears ebbed at her eyes. Lucifer fixed her with a mournful stare as a wolf with ivory fur drew back the whip and flung it at her, welting her spine. First choked wail of seventy- or less before she was silenced forever.

The stubborn devious shine in Lucifer's eyes had been flooded with pity and shame. Lunar's silver gaze burnt into him as she was struck again. And again, until he flinched each time her flesh ripped.

She thought back between the bouts of sheer agony of the fading life she had one lived. The forget was a sweet memory of rich sunshine, lush woodland, and fresh air now filled with the bitterness of stone walls rising on either side of her and heavy gates diminishing all chance of escape.

The camp was nigrescent when the white wolf hissed. "Sixty nine."

Lunar hung like a ragdoll soiled in blood. Her body seared with an inferno. Many glares were set on her. Even Ruben had come out of his den to curse into the night air.

Moonlight cooled her raw flesh, but stabbed at her wounds. She looked up at Lucifer, who shook with horror.

"How is she still breathing?" He said, astonished.

Ruben bellowed with outrage. "Give me that!" He snatched the whip and cracked it. "I'll finish her off!" It flung up and brandished her across the neck, causing her to shake violently.

She fell back, limp, blood running from her dirtied body. Lucifer squeezed his eyes shut. Ruben glowered with malice.

"Easy as snapping a chicken neck," He laughed sadisticly.

"You maleovent brute!" Ruben flushed cold as Lunar lifted her head, a fountain of red bubbling from her maw.

He stared, coldness turned to fear. "Alive? How?"

She suddenly fell to the ground. Lucifer had released the tension in the bindings.

"Lucifer! What are you doing?"

The gladiator looked at his leader with disrespect. "Go away. You know you can't kill me."

Ruben fell silent. Lucifer knelt down so Lunar could lean on him. She stared weakly into his golden eyes, breathing tightly.

"I'm taking you to the nurse. It's okay, you are like me." His words soothed her before her eyes eased shut and she blacked out.

The End

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