Seven ZeroMature

The shackles closed into place around Lunar's legs. She sighed and followed Lucifer out into a world no longer familiar to her. The light stung her eyes until she squinted and looked away like sulking rat.

She tripped forward as the chains yanked, and she resisted to save her face from the dirt. A looming crowd had gathered. Wolves up to their ankles in mud stared at her with expecting eyes.

"Five. Zero. Five! Zero!" A chant broke out, and Lunar wished she could curl up into a ball.

The mantra gained momentum as she was hauled into the crimson evening light. She had no idea what it mean't. Standing between the parted crowds was a tall, wire-haired wolf with a dark gray pelt that turned a lucent blue where the sunshine hit. Ruben.

Lucifer carelessly flug her around to hover in front of the Solarine leader. Hoards of cold-hearted warriors looked over her with sick humor. A blood-thirtsy smirk came to line Ruben's jaw, lying beneath his dark eyes.

"Seventy lashes." His strong tone revived Lunar from the ashes she had crumbled to, but as soon as she comprehended what his order was, she shunned his sly ways.

She lunged forward, straining her legs on the chains. "You can't do this!" But her breath was wasted as Ruben slipped away, and the crowd moved to reveal a tall, forked tree.

Chains rusted through the links hung lifelessly from the split trunks. The shackles were barbed like serrated teeth. Blood stained the bark and hunks of flesh were still in the leg clamps.

Lunar caught Lucifer staring and she snapped at him. "Seventy lashes? Thats unbareable! How does a wolf survive that?" She screamed above the cheering.

He looked at her with honest regret. "They don't. You've been condemned to death."

The End

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