Lunar wasn't sure what time of day it was when she akwakened due to the lack if change in the light that filtered into the dungeon. She was cold to the bone, and sickness was making ahome in her weak stomach. Nausia filled her head as the stench of decay, rot, and disease wafted towards her from the shadows.

Voices mumbled from the outside of the threshold. She pushed ehrself to her paws and began to drag her tongue over the concrete for moisture. Even though it felt like flavourless sherbert rough in her mouth, her throat was parched.

"That one. The silver female." She turned to see Blood pointed at her.

Lucifer sat beside him, helm resting under one of his paws, his handsom creamy brown fur revealed. Lunar dragged her icy gaze over his stout shoulders and defined face.

"The fiesty one, I see." He grinned.

She glanced at the bandages wrapped around Blood's abdomen and grunted before turning away.

"You tell Lord Ruben, I'll get the girl."

She looked up sharply. Me? Why me? Lucifer pulled out a polished gold key and turned it in the lock, pulling it back on the rollers.

What does this rat want? Lunar thought. Behind him, he pulled a long length of chain.

"You've been bad, darling." He chuckled.

She hissed snakily. "So you've come to wring me by my neck?" She now realised that attacking Blood that week, that had felt like a forever ago, wasn't going to go without a punishment.

"What you will be subjected to is up to the Lord."

"The Lord?"

"Our leader. Alpha of the Solarine Clan, Lord Ruben."

She fell silent. Could it be? Was Lucifer talking about the clan only heard about in stories? Suddenly, the clues started to add up in her mind. The armour, the slaves, Lord, dungeons, training. It all only added up to one conclusion. The Solar wolves had returned from myth and legend. Wolves who could use the very magic of the sun.


The End

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