A single box window let in silver, milky light. Rust ravaged the ground like moss on a rock.

There was a clatter, and Lunar stretched her stiff legs to watch one of the guards throwing a bent, dented tray through the bars. It bounced away from where it had landed, and rolled to a stop in front of her. A meager portion of tyre slathered the mtal; soggy rice in milk.

The brown wolf, from the previous two days that Lunar had seen with Haku, stepped forward. "What is this grog? A dried husk of rice floating in goat's milk?"

Lunar stared at it, and even her long empty stomach gave a gag of disgust. Was this what she'd be eating for the rest of her life? She leaned away, letting the others take their share, the meer sight of it taming her wild hunger.

"I'd eat, it's the only thing you are going to get." The guard snickered.

Lunar looked up into his honey ochre eyes, the rest of his features masked by his armour and helm exept his charming smile. "I would rather starve than live off grime and work for something worse."

He laughed with a wolfish smile. "Sharp, darling."

"I'm no darling of your's!"

He took a bite of his pemmican, teeth grinding as he watched her with interest. She glared at him, hackles stiff as hedgehog quills. A sly, devilish emotion swam in his eyes.

"It's rude to stare, darling." He pouted fakely.

She rolled her eyes. "What infernal creature are you?"

"The name's Lucifer."

She blew a lock of her fur out of her eyes. "Lunar." She said plainly.

Lucifer winked and pushed the last of his dried meat pemmican through the bars. "Gotta' go, darling."

He turned and disappeared into the shadows of the tunnel, the sound of his fading pawsteps leaving Lunar's brow creased and heart hammering solidly in her chest.

The End

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