Keen EyeMature

The sudden darkness stole Lunar's breath. She pricked her ears, hearing the whip sliding across the ground, followed by the groan of a metal door rolling back. Salty rust tainted the air.

A match struck and a fan of light shone into the gruesome face of a wolf leaning into the iron bars of the open prison. The orange flame illuminated his sick grin filled with cracked yellow teeth, and his steel shoulder plates.

"Welcome, swine," he said with a hint of insanity in his voice.

Lunar recoiled from his foul, rotten breath. She cast a glance at Haku, but the auburn she-olf was hiding beneath a slim, dark, male. She returned her gaze to the guard, who was leering over her.

"The name's Blood." He smiled toothily. "Others forget my real name after the first meeting."

Lunar dragged her stare over his figure of broad shoulders, muscled limbs, black pelt, and pale, red staine stomach fur. A sword sheath was strapped to his right leg. A shiver coursed through her.

The line began to crawl uneasily into the cell, whip cracking at the feet of the unwary. Lunar dug her shoulders into the yoke and filed in until the gate slid back, trapping them and Blood inside.

He began to unlock their chains and restraints and one by one, the total of six wolves had skittered like mice into the shadows. Only Lunar sat still as her yoke hit the ground.

"Gonna' run and join your friends?" Blood taunted.

She felt each bruise throb; wound sting; scratch itch. "I'm not scared of you."

The whip's vicious tail bit the tip of her ear so sharply that blood began to fall blob by blob. "Scared now?" He hissed.

She sucked in a breath, then in one fluid move, she grabbed the hilt of his sword in her teeth and tore it from the sheath, thinly slicing his abdomen and spraying herself with crimson.

"No." With her words the sword clattered to the damp stone ground.

Blood's blood-shot glare shredded over them. "No food or water! For any of them!" He staggered out, rattled his keys in the lock, and was gone.

The End

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