Aurora In The NightMature

This was too much!

Too much food, that is.  I wish I could indulge myself, but I need to keep my "image" up.  I'm in the presence of the King of Svalencia, and the Elemental Knights.  Must act calm!  Must act proper.  Must..

A pat on my shoulder jerked myself out of my thoughts, it was Lace, Knight of Wind.

"You know, if you don't eat that leg; Yuki will take it."

I raised an eyebrow at him before seeing a slender hand move for the meat on my plate.  I quickly glanced at Yuki, Knight of Water with a stare of death.

"And what do you think you're doing!?"

"You were not eating it, and just sat there.  I thought it would be a waste and... Hey!"

Yuki reasoned, but blurt out the last word while pointing.  I turned back to Lace to find him eating a leg of meat.  I didn't get the significance of it, until I looked at my own plate.  It was bare.

"I was going to grab that!"

"Ya snooze; Ya lose."

Lace sounded out as he chewed.  Yuki was furious, but grumbled her disgust.  I just looked at him for a little while realizing what was going on.

"Wait.. when did you.."

"Long story.., would love *munch* mo melw wa.  *Swallow* Just not right now!"

I looked over the table and found some more meat.  Before I could even lift my hand out, a young woman came out and place the meat onto my plate.

"Here you go, my lady!"

"Oh thank you, ma'am."

The woman walked back to assist the others.  Speaking of which, across the long dinner table sat Leon, Knight of Lightning and Marcus, Knight of Fire while the King sat at his royal post at the very edge.  The King seemed to be talking to Leon and Marcus, though mostly Marcus as Leon kept his signature helmet on, and silent chivalry.  Still wonder what's going on there.  Though, I was surprised.  Shouldn't the Queen also be here?  She would normally sit opposite end or right next to him.  Possibly, she had other matters to attend to.


After supper, I was escorted by the handmaidens to a door made of fair cherry oak, or I thought it was.  One knocked at the door and spoke,

"Your grace, the Knight of Light is here, as requested."

"Very well, allow her inside."

"At once, your grace."

The maiden bowed to me before opening the door.  I walked inside to find myself outside under a domed roof platform.  What used to be walls were now open archways that let the light of the moon in.  Though, that didn't help the silhouettes that stood tall inside the area.  All nine of them. Upon the door closing behind me, a small light coursed beneath my feet which shot out in a straight line.  It twisted and turned along a grooved pathway on the ground before reaching a pedestal which burst out an array of lights.  Now the entire canopy was lit up, and I could see what the silhouettes were.  

Statues, eight in total.

The final one being a man, roughly in his sixties.  He wore grand clothing emblazon with the royal crest of the Svalencia.  His hair, graying with age came short on his head.  He had a rather burly beard, but nothing too unkempt.  Of course, this was King Wadric Lan Soltic Valcia XI, King of Svalencia.  

"Come closer, Maiden of Light."

I did as I was told.  What was I to do?  Say no and be beheaded.  Not happening.

As I walked towards the king, I could see the statues clearly.  Eight statues of warriors, each were in the same standing position, with both arms bent forward, holding a crystal ball in front of each of them.  Interestingly enough, most of the orbs seemed to glow a different color per statue, except one.  By each statues feet, a chest lay.  Most were already open, exempt one.

When I came to about my height in distance to the king, I dropped down to my knees.

"My lord, you summoned me?"

"Please, stand child.  You are in the presence of family."

I slowly stood up cautiously.  What did he mean by that?  King Wadric nodded to me before motioning towards the statues.

"This is the Hall of the Legendary Knights.  As you may assume, these statues represent the elemental knights who fought in the war against Ragvolon and their king, Teran Omidi Havolox.  Each have been honored in his hall, which has also served as a vessel for their succession.  Every Knight; excluding the Knights of Fire, Earth, Wave, and Darkness; have left their equipment, and some of their power in this shrine.  They believed that they would be needed by the next generation, when they came to be..."

I looked onwards as he talked.  I knew my predecessor when I saw her.  Her statues are also in the Order of Light churches among the kingdom.  Knight of Light, Solvia.  Her hair was as long as mine was, and I bet it was burning red as mine too.  People say that I looked just like her, but people from that age are dying out, so I don't much believe them.  Out of all the statues, though, her orb wasn't lit.  Maybe something had to be done first?  Though, looking at that statue made me feel.. nostalgic?  What for?  It wasn't too long that I realized that I blanked out through his tale.

"...all of your fellow knights have already gone through the trial, so it shouldn't be too hard."

"I'm sorry, my lord.  Trial..?"

"Yes, my dear.  You have not yet fully awoken as the Knight of Light yet.  You must pass the Trial before you may gain such a title."

"When do I do that?"

"We have already begun, my dear."


Before I knew it, I was surrounded by a wall of darkness.  It wasn't as powerful as the Knight of Darkness' attacks but, it still left you feeling hopeless and scared.

"This was the Trial of Light, that your predecessor thought up.  She wanted you to find the 'light in the dark', as she worded it."

I heard the King's voice call out to me.  Light in the Dark?  It was pure dark!  There was no light!  I huddled to the ground, or what I thought was the ground.  I was scared.  Nothing more to say about it.  That was, until a certain object fell from my robes.  It clattered on the ground before shining ever so slightly.  It was the dagger that the Knight of Darkness threw at me.  Something in my body told me to pick it up, and so I did.


A man in dull, lusterless armor kneeled before an enlarged throne upon which a large man sat.

"My lord."

"So you have come.  What do you have to report?"

"The stray dogs have been keeping the Svalencians busy."

"I see.  We need to keep a closer leash on them."

"Understood, my lord."

The man stood, and turned to leave when he heard another voice.  Sinister, and sly.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, I did."


I awoke in a daze.  I found myself in a bed fit for a princess.  Too comfortable for me, but how can I not resist.  Before I could snuggle my way back to slumber, a maiden comes into the room.

"Oh!  My apologies, madam."

"That is quite fine.  Please enter!"

She bows before coming inside with a few sets hard leather clothing and a full chest armor.  I wriggle my way out of bed, and find myself in the most comfortable nightgown.  I walk over to the table that housed the armour.

"What is this?"

"This is your equipment, my lady.  It is the gift from your ancestor, the former Knight of Light.  You gained it from the Trial."

It was then that it dawned on me.  The Trial!  What happened after I picked up the dagger!?  Did I black out?  Also, what was with that dream?  It felt real.  She must have seen the worry on my face, as she responded quickly.

"Do not worry, milady.  You passed the Trial, but overexerted yourself.  At least, that is what my lord, the King, said.  He ordered you a room and attire for the night, and retired to his room.  We were told to deliver these to you when you awoke from slumber."

I nodded my appreciation.  I then stared into my reflection upon the silver breastplate which had my birthmark emblazoned upon it.

The End

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