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The Capital is huge and imposing. All sorts lived here farmers, beggars, thieves, merchants, scholars ,noblemen, warriors. It was one of the few places where you would find them living together in some form of harmony.  As we got closer to the citadel the larger the stone buildings got and the more immaculate they looked. With rich coloured banners pouring over the sides, with lavish gardens.  The streets were filled with people most of their attention currently on us as we moved through mostly unhindered as the general public moved aside.  All of this wasn't for me. I didn't like being closed in by all of this stone, I didn't like being so surrounded by people it put me on edge.  I tried to put my mind elsewhere but it only brought me to my fallen comerades.  I had taken the badges from the officers that had served with me as long as I had been knight before burning their bodies.  My heart sunk as the tension had turned to grief.  We had been like a family and I had failed them. My judgement blinded by overconfidence and arrogance.  I clenched my fist as my grief turned to anger.  There was nothing I could do to make up for the failure. I could only seek bettering myself and prevent it from happening again, and remember them.  

"Something bothering you?"  Yuki said sauntering up to me.

" Yesterday." I said calmly.  Peering at the gawking crowds again. There was some cheering for a heroes. There was also face showing worry in the crowd as their eyes scanned the crowd looking for their loved one.

I looked knowing that some of those faces wouldn't find who they were looking for. We continued on a little further making it to the citadel the light red painted gates open for our return.  A messenger waited for us at the entrance. Leon lead us ahead of his men. All of maybe say the supposed knight of light. Karen? had met the king before at some point. He acknowledged us as elemental knights to which at that point our existence was made aware to the public.

"The King welcomes you and is ready for the elemental knights, and wishes to speak to all of them.  He also commends all of the men that aided in the battle. He sends his condolences for the losses, and asks that they are recorded as heroes." The messenger said promptly and without emotion.

"The rest of you can go to the barracks or go home but be sure to report to the barracks by tomorrow morning!" Leon instructed the men quickly.

As we moved the kings hall the men broke off to the right in the direction of the barracks with lieutenants at the head. A pit formed in my stomach. Leon seemed to be well respected by his men but his distance was worrisome. I had heard many things about him and imagined him to be different. Someone who did not shy away from social confrontation. not only that but a leader is someone with charisma and can stand by his men at all times capable of delivering orders and being a source of morale.  Leon had disappeared for an uncountable amount of hours starting around yesterday. He only rejoined with us near the end of our journey.  Not that his men were out of order but they were certainly at distance from him which may put them at odds. The rest of the knights also seem to admire him to such a degree from what I could see. We let him tell us what to do in when all right we could have done otherwise. We also let him take what was left of our men and integrate them with his unit.  Yet we hardly discussed anything.

Underneath my doubts something told me I could trust him. Something in me wanted to trust him.  We walked through large marble archways, and courtyards filled with greenery and before reaching golden wood doors that were opened by a pair of gaurds. The kings halls had a massive floor capable of holding hundreds of guests with a large elevated roof supported by massive granite pillars with long oak tables stretching down the hall. The king sat in a fairly humble throne which was not covered in gold and gems but rather red silk and wood.

"Welcome Knights." His voice filled the hall.

"Your majesty." We all said about the same time bowing respectively before taking seating across from him on the table.

"I'm glad I have all of you here in one place. Finally." He said as a servant girl in purple robes poured as all a glass of wine, "To deal with the recent threats with all these dragons and the appearance of this dark knight. I want you to fight together as one. I have a fortress near the western front that is ready for you all to use a base of operations.  From there you can establish your presence.  Behind you I will prepare an army. I have feeling Teran is behind this dark knight, and these dragon attacks. I will have none of it. If they dare threaten us we will crush them again."  There was silence.  My fists clenched. What proof did he have that our neighbouring country was attacking us.

I as a long-time member of scouting parties and information gathering would have heard about such things," Your Majesty. I apologize in advance. It's a bit quick to conclude that this all Teran's doing.  Dragons are wild creatures and as I understand it has always been our country that used knights with innate abilities. Starting an unnecessary war would only add to our grievances. Let us discover the truth of these attacks before mobilizing armies." I said trying to be as kind as I could feeling a definite defiance grow in me.

" You raise a good point but I would prefer to be ready. However if you wish to try to discover the truth I'm sure it can be added to your current deployment." He said strongly, " I will have you all train at this western fortress. All of you say for Leon are new to slaying dragons. I want him to teach you everything he knows on the matter before I have you return. If possible teach each other you're fighting strategies perhaps it will strengthen your already impressive skills. Any questions?"

"No your majesty."

"Good let enjoy a good meal then and afterwards I would like to talk to the supposed knight of light. Who might that be?" He asked.


The End

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