Dreams of Brighter DaysMature

The night would turn to day soon, which entitled more walking. I love a good walk, but this was murder for the feet.  Looking around I saw that a few of the men rode horses, or had mules to carry the supply wagons.  It would be nice if I could ride on one tomorrow.  The Knights, except for the Knight of Fire, were all able to fly to some extent.  Using their power, it seemed that they could lift themselves out of the air.  Though, I expected as much from the Knight of Wind.  What was his name again?  I don't even remember asking.  

Then there was the ever-too-perky Knight of Water, Yuki.  She seemed to be a little on the looney side, but her good side comes through more.  Though, the double-edge doesn't help much.  Thankfully, I didn't have to conduct a large scale miracle on my arm.  I don't think I can even manage that!

Speaking of management, Knight of Fire seems to have a problem or two.  Though, from the look of things, I think everyone does.  Even me, now!  I guess that's just the nature that he brought up.  He certainly represents his element.

I looked around at the rest of the men.  They were all tired, and restless.  They have lost many companions, friends, and possibly family.  It's a sad fate, but all things die in the end.  At such a time, the Messengers relinquish the soul from it's mortal coil, and sheppard them to the Great Beyond.  That was what the Order taught, anyway.  Thankfully, these men had a good leadership to keep the dead to a minimum, and to stave the fear in them.

Speaking of leader, where was the Knight of Lightning, Leon.  I only saw him leave after the battle.  So mysterious!  I swear, a leader who is good in combat, but not in social skills isn't too helpful.  Of course, he can lead his men in battle, but what about after, when the troops are in pain, and fear sets in.  Though, I think his lieutenants have that figured out.

Which brings it all back to me.  I'm the actual Knight of Light?  I didn't understand it at first.  The Knight of Darkness just threw it out there, as if he knew the entire time.  Giving me this dagger, which looks and feels.. familiar.  How?  I've never wielded a weapon since became a 'woman of the cloth', and even before that as I was too young.  Though, I don't count 'playing' with sticks as violent and dirty.  I felt within my robes, and found that cloth that wrapped around the dagger itself.  I simply couldn't find myself to touch it fully.

That also brings up my powers.  What are they?  Can I just use miracles as much as I want?  Is there a cost, like the relics?  I wouldn't know.  All I remember from the short fight with the Knight of Darkness, we were engulfed in darkness.  I.. brushed my hand on something, then blacked out.  I don't remember anything from there, until I finally opened my eyes to see the dragon flying away, and the others staring at me.  What did I do?

I shook my head slowly.  Now wasn't the time to reflect on the past.  Soon we'll be at the king's door, and awaiting his royal word.  I just needed to rest.  Laying down, next to the fire.  I could feel my eyes getting heavy.  Heavier than they have been for a while.  Soon, I was deep in slumber.

My dream was.. weird.  Going through the castle in there seemed.. nostalgic.  Maybe, I have been here before?  No, I've never stepped into the halls of kings.  I was not even close to High Maiden status.  Then, why was I here?  Am I looking for someone?  Something?  I open the door to the next room and..


Arriving in front of the Kingdom's gates, we await approval from the gate guards.  Making sure that the land is safe from intruders is there job, and they do it well.  I found a ride with the Knight of Fire, as long as his temper was hidden, he was not so bad.  It was around that time that Sir Leon came back to our ranks.  The men could not have been more joyous.  In fact, it seemed that Leon was more known around these parts than others.  Maybe he really is a fabled knight, or.. rather.. he is, but..  Oh, I'm thinking too much!  I thought as we finally gained entry into the kingdom's walls.

The End

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