Yuki Dawn: Ever Changing WaterMature

"Cheer up you lot, this is going to be fun!" Smiling brightly at everyone, I grab another turkey leg and greedily bite into it, feeling the juices run down my chin as I ignore the others questioning looks. I wonder where the Lightning Knight has gone off to? It's dinner and he still isn't here. He needs to smile more, I think I will try and make him laugh when all this is over. He seems like he needs it. We all do.


 We sit around a large fire as we eat. "Ah, come on, and I seriously the only one excited by all this?"


"What's there to be excited about? Many men just died." The fire knight scowls at me, making my face go blank and skin start to boil.


I clench my fists into tight balls, crushing what's left of my food, my voice comes out strong, losing my earlier bubbly voice. "Their lives will never be forgotten and neither will their sacrifice."  Taking a few deep breaths, I stretch my fingers, creating droplets of water to playfully run around them. I giggle and look back at the knights and the nun. "We get to meet the King! All of us together!"


I turn my gaze the only other women and sit next to her, smiling brightly. "I'm Yuki Dawn, a.k.a the Water Knight, a.k.a awesome. You can heal people can't you? That' serially interesting! Can you heal everything or is it just some? What would happen if you hurt yourself and you needed healing? Could you do it?" The girl looks a little flushed and I know that I have started to talk fast, much like a rapid current.


"If I cut off your arm, can you regrow it?" I create a small dagger out of water and hold it above her hand.


"Stop it you Blondie, you talk too much." The Fire Knight says through gritted teeth.

I turn my gaze towards him, growling slightly, my mood changing. "If you have a problem Flame boy, why don't you come over here and try to stop it? Or are you scared that a little water will ruin your hair?"


Marcus rises to his feet and I rapidly do the same, in his hands are balls of fire, in mine are water.


The nun, Karen, stands in between "Please do not fight, Sir, Ma'am. There has been too much already great knights, and to fight amongst ourselves will be futile." I nod at her calming words and walk slightly away from the fire, my back to the rest of the group.


Normally it would take a few days to reach the King's city but with Leon's determination, I have no doubt that we will be there before the second sunrise.

Looking back at the nights and the rest of the men, I watch them all.


The Maiden and the Fire Knight seem to be talking together. Poor girl, so young. Almost too young to be involved in all of this but, then again, weren't we all? Judging by our ages, something drastic must have happened many years prior to get us all to where we are now. I wonder what everyones' story is, and how they found their abilities?


This is going to be a fun adventure for all of us, I just know it! I can see it now, we will all be like some kind of messed up arse-kicking family! Fighting together to save our world from Darkness! Family...


I hold my hands together, turning away from the others again as I gaze up to the sky, remembering my own family.


Cutting my fingertips on the blades of my daggers strapped up my thighs, I use my control over water to manipulate the water to make my trademark wings out of my blood and start to lazily fly high in autopilot.


Emptiness starts to fill me as I think about the day I recognised my ability. The day I lost my family, my friends and my village...


"Ouch." I hold my head as I feel it collide with something hard. Hmm, must have been going faster than I thought there.


"Whoa, watch where you're flying there." I open my eyes, looking at the Air Knight.

I smile sheepishly, ignoring my previous nightmares. "Sorry about that, sometimes I faze out and then I don't look where I am going, just go with the flow. Why aren't you sitting with the others?"


I observe his clothing, orange. Orange is nice, bright. Even though the orange he is wearing is a little washed out, it still is bright, like when the stars are reflected in the deepest of lakes.


He shrugs. "I like to fly to clear my head. Especially after a battle like today."    


My eyes snap to look at his and nod. Determination in my eyes as I grab his hands in my tight grip. "There will be more battles but none like today! We shall fight, we shall live and we shall free this world of all evil for we our Knights and that is what we do no matter what!"


Realising that he is shocked by my outburst and by grabbing him like that, I drop his hands and create some distance between us.


"I'm sorry, I can be intense at times. My emotions can get the better of me sometimes and I find it hard to stay with one for long. Like the ocean, one minute I am calm and peaceful, but the next I am thrashing and enraged." I shield my eyes, feeling slightly sad again. "It has been a long time since I was near so many people. I often forget how I should act. Excuse me, I must retire." I slowly start to fly back to the earth, not before turning back with a smile. "This will be fun, and you know why? Because we are a family. A family bound by destiny and created to protect our homeland and everyone in it!" 

The End

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