Identity of the White KnightMature

"It is you I truly hate!" the Knight of Darkness sneered, rising higher and higher on his massive dragon.

Leon prepared himself for another attack, but realized the enemy was retreating. Why had the knight hated him more than the others? Why was he siding with the dragons? Why was he fighting against his fellow knights? Many more questions like these swirled through the confounds of Leon's mind as he breathed deeply. 

The battle had exhausted him. Leon, along with the other knights that were now being healed by the woman in holy wear, had been beaten soundly. The other knights were in various places resting. That woman - whom had been called the Knight of Light by the Knight of Darkness - finished on the Knight of Fire and started Leon's way. The Knight of Fire shook his head and sat up from where he had fainted.

Leon was glad all the Knights were OK. He had a feeling they would be needed in the days to come. 

"Sir, could you please remove your helmet so I may heal you?" 

Leon shook his head at the woman. From the looks of her robes, she had not entered the battle. The Knight of Darkness had been a foe that Leon could afford to not focus on, so he wasn't sure if she had been hurt at the moment. It was a good thing she was fine. Was that a tattoo on her temple?

"I insist on you removing your helmet. I'll need to touch your skin to heal you and it's the easiest way." She didn't sound like she was giving Leon a choice, despite her warm voice. This was the Knight of Light? Karen was her name, right? 

Hefting his massive spear, Leon walked away from the girl and toward his men, who he had ordered to keep their distance. Luckily, they hadn't been engaged. He had been afraid that the Knight of Darkness might have ordered his dragon to kill them.

"Sir!" a rifleman named Jonef said with a salute. He was the captain of the team in the absence of Leon.

"I need you to travel back to the King and report what has happened this day." 

The man nodded.

"So, you're going back to the king?"

Leon turned to see the Knight of Fire standing before him. Just behind the black haired man in green armor was the other knights. They seemed demoralized. Leon was with them in their mindset, of course. 

"I would like it if you all traveled with my men to meet the king," Leon told his fellow knights. He turned to Karen. "I would like you to come along as well, Maiden." She seemed conflicted, but Leon paid her no more attention. Instead, he simply walked away from the others. "I will meet back up with you on the morrow, Jonef."

"Yes, sir!"

As Leon walked away, he heard the Knight of Water - he could tell from her voice being the only other female one - say, "Is he always like that."

"Pretty much," Jonef's voice says, "But he is just odd like that. He disappears and reappears as he sees fit. Mainly for eating and the like. Doesn't want anyone seeing under his helmet, for some..."

Leon sighed just as soon as the soldier's words faded away. Why did the man speak so much? There was no reason to delay the move to the king! He needed to be warned! And Leon needed a bath and food. His stomach grumbled in agreement. 

Charging his body, Leon repelled himself off the ground at an angle, shooting toward a town called Helgerin. It would be the soldiers and the Knights - if they accepted Leon's invitation - next target. Especially with the sun so low. 

The wind flew over Leon's white armor, giving him a sense of falling but with excitement. Pushing through the air with his magic was the epitome of excitement for Leon. He had once dreamed of being a bird just to experience this on a daily basis. It had only been after he had discovered his ability to use magnetism with his magic that he had got his wish. 

Now he could soar as high as he wanted. 

Minutes later, after enjoying the bliss of flight without having to focus on a fight, Leon landed at a predestined spot with a large rock. He had set up this place months ago, along with several others across the country. The large rock had a huge gaping hole that was carved to go in at an angle and be hidden by bushes. The rock was also magnetized naturally. 

So, Leon checked his surroundings for people, then began to strip his armor off. 

First came the helmet. He removed the heavy metal lions head and let his long red hair flow down his back. The fresh air felt good on his smooth face. It had been how long since he had felt the bare wind? Since this morning? No, last night... 

Or, how long had it been since Leona felt the freedom on her face?

Leona smiled softly and removed the rest of her armor. Underneath she wore trousers and a tight shirt. In a matter of minutes, she had the shirt off and the trousers on the ground. The strap around her chest was taken off with quick hands, relieving her of the pressure that she was growing to be used to. 

With haste, Leona pulled the dress that lay hidden in the rock and pulled it on. It was a simple thing, but designed to look like a traveler's skirt. She missed her elegant dresses, of course, but that would be suspicious to wear. Plus, they didn't hide the three scars on her back. Those still pained her. 

'Father,' Leona thought while hiding her armor in the rock's hollow, 'Why did you have to die? You could have finished my training. We could have been knights together...' 

No, there was no need to go there. The man known as Roth Slepnir had died ten years prior. By a dragon. The very thing that Leona swore to kill. Of course, only men were allowed to hunt dragons. Women, even though they were allowed to be knights, weren't allowed to fight the dragons. 

Leona had no doubt that the Knight of Water was a special case. 

Well, no use in worrying about it. Leona walked toward the village. She was still tired from the battle, so she would need food, a bath, and a nights rest. She could change back into Leon Grave and meet up with the others tomorrow. Tonight was rest and planning time. 

After all, if one Knight had turned, what was to say others couldn't have turned as well. There was still two more Elemental Knights that were yet to be seen. Earth and Wave.

The End

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