Futile FightMature

I laughed, because if I didn’t, the pain would have sent me down to hell.

The dragon loomed overhead. It roared, and the ground shook. It stretched out its wings and air shook. Nothing was still. Nothing could stay still, bowing to the fear these demonic beasts had cast upon the land.

This was the true power of those dragons.

I forced myself up, laughing as I sent a jet of fire into the sky, knocking a dragon sideways. I knew it did no real damage, but it was enough to knock it off course. A rush of fire beneath me pushed me into the sky, where I somersaulted onto the dragon’s back and stabbed down all all my might.

The beast reared back in pain, roaring as it flipped through the air. I leapt off it, right as it crashed into the ground. I landed with a thud, that was one dragon down.

I wanted to force myself up, but I couldn’t.

The dragon roared.

Night fell.

I felt weak.

The End

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